DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 2/21/10).

Sundays. The so-called “day of rest”. Well not for me…besides I’ve had way too many of those to care to count ha. I started out kinda late today, I’d say around 4pm and ended my shift at 1130pm.

Story of the Day: I arrive at the cabbie parking lot at JFK. All cabs that want to pick up passengers from the airport must first report there & wait “on-line”. This process could take 30-90 min depending on terminal activity. Not even a minute after I get to the lot, I see this Indian dude and this African dude explode out of their respective cabs. The Indian accuses the African of cutting in front of him (somewhere); and vice versa. The Indian dude is feenin to swing at the African who goes “c’mon you want some??” The African goes for a shin kick which missed which allowed a chance for the Indian to go for a punch. The cat-like reflexes of the African however allowed him to miss getting hit & the altercation was later squashed. I didn’t have any popcorn.

Tippers of the Day: Two hella short rides which netted me $4.30+tip= $7 each. First, a father-daughter who wanted me to go from 74th street…to 82nd street. ON THE SAME AVENUE. Later on, this group of four that was over around 45th street and 7th avenue who wanted to go to Penn Station (34th street side) did the same shit.

Cheapskates of the Day: Right after my excursion to Penn Station I figured I’d wait there to pick up someone. Out comes this dude lookin like Rabbit from 8 Mile with a Yankee fitted on asking me to drop him off at Grand Central. $6.60+tip= $7 SMFH. My last ride of the day was an airport trip & I was blessed that it was going to Long Island (the only time you’ll ever hear me say something good about LI really). This older broad who I had a pretty good conversation with apparently flew from Florida to Texas to Chicago to here all in one day and I dropped her off in Nassau County (Williston Park for my LI cats). $51.30+tip= $55. Things that make you go hmm, even though it wasn’t the worst thing ever.

Grade A Jackass of the Day: Some woman & her son I pick them up on 72nd street and Amsterdam & they need to go crosstown. I made a small mistake not remembering where the 79th street transverse was (it goes to the West Side from 79th but goes to the East Side on 81st street) and the broad begins muttering as if it was the end of the world & I was lost or some shit. Her son corrected me & I made the necessary U-Turn to rectify the problem but I can clearly hear her bitchin about how she’d have to pay an extra 40 cents SHADDAPPP. As I apologized & told her it was my 3rd day she was like “oh great…” They were a weird one…first they were arguing to each other; then the broad was bitchin about some woman bc she can’t hang out with the “crew” who have couples because her husband had passed so she’s considered single. Strange shit that I could care less about. Anyhow, I get them to where I need to be and she asks me to turn on the back lights. I’m not 100% familiar with the cab so I didn’t know where it was (I do now though). She gets uptight again. They give me 12 one dollar bills for a fare that was $9.90. The son says goodnight, the lady just gets out. As I’m situating myself for the next round I can hear her STILL bitchin over the small error I made. You’d think in a broad that looked like she was 60 that menopause would have set in by now…I guess the next generation of medicine is saying otherwise?

Aside from that, it wasn’t all THAT eventful. I did get yet another JFK-Bronx trip which was $48+tip= $68 but it had zero drama. Sunday nights if you want action…hella lame, at least compared to the weekends. But hey.

And so on.


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