The Reasons Why Cabbies Don’t Pick Up Black Folk.

I used to be hella pissed when a cabbie would pass me by. The whole “cabbies are racist” myth is a myth…however, there are a few things that they take into consideration.

1) Particularly on Friday & Saturday nights where hella money is to be had driving in Manhattan…nothing is worse than to be taken out of the borough & to go deep into Brooklyn for example. Yes you can get a good $25-$30 fare…but in that same stretch of time, a cabbie can pick up 3-4 people and make that money if not more. It is technically illegal for a cab driver to ask where someone is going and to refuse a fare if it’s anywhere in the five boros, Nassau or Westchester UNLESS they are off-duty. I would say when I hailed cabs in the past…2 times out of 3 I was asked before I could open the door where I was going (Penn Station) and only then was I allowed in.

2) To compound that…cabbies are afraid that we will a) hop out without paying, b) underpay or c) leave a minuscule tip. One bad experience can spoil the entire perception.

Being on the driver’s side of the spectrum…I can feel them to an extent…even though it’s fucked up.

And so on.


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