DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (the passenger remix).

Today was my day off so this was my chance to put my fellow cabbies to the test.

First guy passed. I actually got picked up immediately (it was a Haitian I’m assuming) and went to my spot without incident. I gave him $5.10+tip=$7 because I know my role.

Second guy I went from Nevadas to Penn Station. He does a good job but I do notice that the taxi TV is broken. I should smell what that means but I’m gonna attempt to be a grade A jackass. I can’t even do that. There’s a Chase bank on 32nd and 7th ave and I tell the muh fuh to drop me off on the north side of 31st and 7th. He TURNS LEFT AND GOES SOUTH. I don’t have a Capital One account you jackass. His credit card machine is “broken” and in fact it actually is because I couldn’t touch the screen. But I know the whole situation. Capital One charges me $2.75 to use their machine. I gave him $8.30+tip=$10 but to never do that BS again because I drive a cab. He goes oh.

I know, not entertaining whatsoever but this was the muh fuh remix.

And so on.


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