DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 3/18/10).

Long-haul Thursdays were back at it again. It never fails…to the point where I ended my shift at midnight because I reached my goal, plus I got home at 4 last night and “didn’t have enough sleep.” I did sleep 6 hours but better safe than sorry.

My first passengers set a record for my most expensive trip. They were goin to this hotel in Jersey City from JFK ($94+tip= $100). The main thing that sucked about it was that I took the Lincoln instead of the Holland. My rate book friggin told me to take the former…even though I had a feeling it was the latter. He had no idea where it really was either so I had to ask a couple of people when I actually got to Jersey…but I eventually found it. The hotel was basically in “Newport”.

I don’t have anything bad to say about anyone today…with the brief exception of my final passenger who stayed on the phone for 3 minutes after I arrived at his stop (Grand Central Terminal). Twiddling my thumbs he finally tells me to go to LaGuardia. That’s fine by me ($30+toll+tip= $43).

This black chick I pick her up around East Broadway & she got me goin to Alphabet City (7th btw B and C). Chill chick with a tongue ring lalalal. She tells me about the whole cabbies vs. niggas spiel which I obviously know and tells me about how she just moved from the BK out here. Nothin too crazy. She didn’t tip like an average niggaette either. Her daughter who’s probably 14-15? is waitin for her outside the apartment and the chick tells me that “my daughter think you look kinda cute.” What I do?? Must be the fresh shapeup…or maybe because the sun went down. Either way.

There’s always somethin about blondes and myself. Am I the new-era Tiger Woods of cabbies? Anyhow, this blonde tall sexpot comes in and takes me to the Upper East Side. She gets friendly & wants to start a conversation which I have no problem with. She was one of those chicks who you can tell loves her hairspray because I got it mixed up with a Glade Plug-In. The whole “taxi scam” story is discussed and I break it down to her. I even break down how most cabbies are treated like slaves by their garage owners which explains why some of them have done so (I’ll explain this in a future post). She feels bad. I learn she’s from Jersey. I coulda brought up the whole spiel about the woman there beggin to be the fattest in the world but I had forgotten. One of these days I’ma cop digits on the job. That day is still not today but she did tip $3 on a $10 ride.

I still can’t get over how nice people were today. The fuck ha. Then again I didn’t stay late enough tonight to pick up any drunkards. This most likely changes tomm beginning at 415pm EDT. I don’t know if I’ll get this lucky again.

And so on.


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