DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 3/21/10).

Sunday night marked the end of my so-called cabbie appreciation weekend. It was a hella slow night overall; I only had eleven trips or so compared to Saturday night where I had at least 30.

The first people I pick up on the day were this couple who just flew in from Qatar so they were decked out in their Middle Eastern classic garb. They had at least 10 bags with them aka seemingly half the country & I had to help dude pack ALL THAT SHIT in the van. It was a pain in the ass for the ages. They don’t believe in deodorant so that didn’t help me either. Anyhow, they were headin to some place in Flushing but they weren’t that specific so I gave the dude my atlas to show me where. I didn’t think it was gonna go over too well at first because it always seems tense when I’m with ppl from that area. But after dropping him & his wife off & unloading the bags on a $26.30 trip..he gives me $40 and tells me to give him $5. I hand him the $5 and then he leans over to thank me, kiss me on my shoulder (I got shook that he was gonna kiss me in the cheek) and say God Bless you. I was speechless ha.

DK’s CABulary- “shortie ticket”: a ticket you receive from the taxi dispatcher at JFK if you get a trip to either Brooklyn or Queens. You have 90 minutes to return back to JFK & with it you get to skip the original line.

Anyways, I get back to JFK and go to Terminal 7…but I end up going to the departures terminal. Oops, gotta turn all the way around & get back to arrivals. Fuck. Not so fast however…I get this family of 5 that is coming from England heading to 3rd and 52nd street. They give me $52 on a $45 ride which was pretty sweet.

One of the most underratedly hilarious things I notice about people coming to NYC for the first time or so is when driving on the Long Island Expressway and approaching Manhattan. Watching how these people’s eyes light up upon the sight of the Empire State Building is like clockwork. Yes, you’re no longer seein it on HDTV.

Not that she was a jackass, but just highly annoying…this broad and these two guys I pick up on Broadway in the 70s and she wants me to go to Broadway & 10th street (which really is between Broadway & 4th avenue). She tells me that she wants me to take 5th avenue down which makes sense because it’s quicker. There’s a part where Broadway & 5th avenue intersect & she nearly spazzes when I’m about to go on Broadway. Then even though my radio wasn’t loud at all “Can you turn down the radio plz thanks” It came out of nowhere because I had it on halfway for the ride & she was busy talkin to her companions. If there’s one pet peeve I have is when people say thanks that far in advance…sounds hella annoying. She gave me a dollar tip that cheap bitch but havin her out of my car was priceless.

I refused my first customer ever but he looked pretty sketchy. This spanish dude was askin me to give him a lift to the Bronx…I just didn’t like the whole vibe so I had to pass him. Nothin personal at all. I just ain’t fuckin with the Bronx & I always listen to my gut. Especially after the story about this Spanish dude tryna rob a cabbie who was goin to the Bronx and started biting him…I’d rather be fare-less. If he said he was goin to Brooklyn, I’d consider it actually but the Bronx? Not a chance.

When the city is dead, the best thing to do is run back to the airports. I went to LaGuardia because my gut instinct kept telling me to do so and I pick up this broad coming back from Miami. She was pretty stressed out because her flight was two hours late in Miami…then had to be detoured to Atlantic City and then delayed for another 3 hours until finally gettin to LaGuardia. She had a cute smile…entirely too skinny for me though & you know you skinny when your leggings don’t even accentuate your legs nor ass. Very disappointing. But she’s on her phone & I swear she said I love you/I miss you to whomever she was on the phone with a good 15 times or so. I get to her apartment fairly quickly (20 minutes or so) and she reiterates how it was the worst trip ever. She got nothin on my flight from Miami-JFK that was delayed 12 hours back in 1998 but that’s a different story for another time. I get $31 from her.

My final passengers of the night were this group of 3 who just came back from a skiing trip. I didn’t know Argentinians skied. I learn somethin new everyday. They start up a convo with me that varied quite a bit…how my job is, my fav sports teams, all that basic guy talk shit. They’re obviously lookin forward to the World Cup although they’re concerned because they don’t like Diego Maradonna as their coach. And unsurprisingly…they ask if I’ve ever hit on girls in my cab since it’s common in Argentina for them to do so. No, not really….heh. After I help them unpack shit and get a $50 from them…they all give me daps. I wasn’t ready for their remix though, it was a dap-pound combo. No explosion on the pound fortunately.

Sundays are void of anything really interesting, I felt like I was high on apathy. To be honest, the most exciting thing that might have happened was me listening to the conclusion of the Michigan State-Maryland game…and actually witnessing a female cab driver pass through.

Tomorrow at 415pm EDT begins another shift. Last Tuesday was pretty contentious for me, will we see more of the same this Tuesday? And so on.


2 Responses to “DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 3/21/10).”

  1. 1 M. Wright
    March 23, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    People (usually women) say “Thanks” because they’re being passive-aggressive, BTW.

  2. 2 M. Wright
    March 23, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    Oh, and there are mountains in Argentina also lmao

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