Before I Charged People For My Taxi Services…

Man it almost feels like yesterday when I passed my road test on the first try & got my license at 17 around the end of my junior year.  At the time it was a pretty big deal…you ain’t gotta take the bus to and from school anymore and this was clutch because it would take about an hour to get to school taking 2 buses- but if I drove i cut that time by 2/3rds.   But anyone who has been in this position knows that with this comes the stragglers.


Don’t get me wrong I was proud of this fact & should have seen this coming all along…but when you hold the key to something that most people don’t have…you’re gonna show off a bit.  Of course I told my boys who actually were cool with me & lived closeby…but word gets around in high school fast.  Next thing I see people who I’d normally give daps to and talk to on occasion suddenly askin me all types of questions.  “What you doin after school?  Yo what’s your number dawg?  You got a place for me in the whip?”  The thing about me was that I was never an ass and could never say no.  It was just ingrained in my personality and it wasn’t as if I was this dork who suddenly had people left and right becoming buddy buddy with me.  Like I said, I was cool with most of these people already but they just wanted to get a bit closer I suppose.  For their gain, sure.  I believed at the time maybe this good karma would come back to me later on.

I had this one kid though who literally came out of nowhere.  I knew him in elementary school and he lived close to me back in the day…but once I left in the 6th grade I hadn’t had contact with him in five or so years.  He went to a rival school and since they were an all-boys school, some of them would come down here & try to holla at the broads here.  To this day I remember distinctly how phone convos would go with him:
Me: Yo
Him: Jayson.
*5 second pause*
Him: Can I get a ride?

The only reason why I did was because I was goin in his general direction but it was as if people began revolving their schedules around me.  If I went to the gym, ppl would kill time and when I got out they’d be waitin there ha.  If I had detention for being late sometimes..same deal.  It was pretty scary.

Then in my vain attempt to woo the ladies, I would sometimes offer them rides back to their houses since they lived close by school (Bayside, Whitestone and shit).  It didn’t really work SMH.  Then again when you had went to an all boys school from 6th-9th grades you have a lot of catchin up in the holla game to do.

Giving rides to people back then wasn’t such a big deal because hey, gas was just under $2/gallon back then.  To fill up my Toyota 4Runner only cost about $25 or so and I only had to do it weekly.  The rides would be entertaining, blastin Dipset, D-Block, or whatever mixtapes I decided to buy from my bootlegger around the block.  I packed in the car like a buncha Mexicans and God-willing I never got into an accident nor got a ticket during all of these shenanigans.

And then senior year came, everyone got their licenses and those same people who leaned on me when they were not strong were able to push my shoulder off.  The one time I requested a ride from someone who I frequently gave rides to…he told me “my car is full.”  Fuck.

Driving around everywhere with my boys & those who used me for rides have helped me become who I am today.  I’m naturally comfortable when 5-6 people whom I don’t know cram into the van and I can take them to their destination without a hitch.  I became even better with directions (though don’t ask me about the Bronx ha) and hey, I learned that  people will only ride your coattails for so long until you are no longer of use to them.

Peep the poll question of the (first half of the) week.  And so on.


1 Response to “Before I Charged People For My Taxi Services…”

  1. 1 M. Wright
    March 30, 2010 at 2:11 am

    DK goes through what I went through. Amazing how I can almost predict what’s gonna happen being like 6 years ahead ha. When I got my 626 and ESPECIALLY once I got my 350Z (mind you I didn’t get my license until I was about 20 and that was after I left NY the first time), I became the unofficial hack myself. And like you, I couldn’t say no, wasn’t an ass about it and didn’t charge people. In school I was cool with almost everyone and cats/chicks knew me all along, but they definitely began latching on more — especially with the 350.

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