DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 4/8/10).

I never intend on it being that way but every Thursday I always wind up taking these long ass trips that net me money with the quickness and reaching my goal by midnight…thus allowing me to relax and even kick it with people for a good while.  I only had 15 trips today…5 of them were airport-related which pads up the wallets real quick.

I had three consecutive “shorties” today…one to Corona, one to exit 4 off the Belt Parkway and the final one to the infamous East New York (said in Uncle Murda’s voice).  They were Spanish, Italian and African-American respectively and I had teased who would tip the worst?  Well…here’s your results:
JFK-Corona: $29+tip= $35
JFK-Exit 4: $44+tip= $46
JFK-East New York: $20+tip= $24

Surprising, eh?  Keep in mind though the Italians were from Italy.  They don’t really tip out there.  Fooled yall?  I bet I did.

I got tricked not once but twice by people talking into their headsets.  They’d talk hella loud and it’d sound direct towards me so I’d answer back but in reality they’re talkin to whoever it is.  I hate that shit ha.  It’s like gettin crossed up in basketball and then havin to bring the ball up on the next possession.  Then the one time someone WAS on the phone and asked how did Tiger Woods do today…they WERE talking to me ha.

This chick gets in at Jetblue and finally I get my first trip to Manhattan…at almost 830pm.  Keep in mind I began at 530.  Her phone dies and she asks me if I had an iPhone car charger.  Nope.  Damn the one time the iPhone woulda been clutch for me…nah lemme stop.  Anyway, she randomly decides to school me on what to invest in.  Me and my remedial ass is thinkin bonds, CDs that kinda shit…but she tells me that I’m wylin.  Inflation is up 2% right now so those are basically useless now but the best way to go right now is with gold, silver, platinum & palladium.  The only Palladium I knew was the NYU dorm honestly.  Apparently gold is forecast by 2014-2015 to be worth almost $5K per ounce and silver is actually supposed to outperform gold.  But first they have to weed out the fake shit.  I need to look this up more.

One of those trips that make you go hmm: 3rd avenue & 21st street to 5th avenue & 20th street.

Food spot of the day: Muzzarella Pizza.  Yes, not MOZZARELLA.  This pizza spot on Avenue A between 13th and 14th streets got some pretty bangin pizza I’m not gonna lie.  I had a regular slice & a Sicilian slice.  The Sicilian slice was much better…and it’s not one of those where there’s a lot of bread either…it’s mainly cheese.  Bellisimo.   They had a cheeseburger slice that looked intriguing but I wasn’t ready for it.

That “Fuck; I should have said somethin” Moment: After grabbing my slice & letting the system reboot…some dude knocks on my window to let this chick in.  She smiles and seems hella inviting and I smile back.  But you know me..I’m a shy dude.  Anyhow, she tells me to take her to the Hampton Inn near LaGuardia Airport and I program the address on my GPS.  She was lookin cute back there and she was homely…but I was too focused on not gettin her lost.  She gave me $35 for her $30 trip and then smiled at me again “Have a good night.”  I see her go out & she got above-average lookin legs.  Damn it DK get it together.

This dude who got in my cab at LaGuardia cracked me up for this simple reason.  Picture Tiger Woods + Alex Rodriguez + rockin a blazer and collared shirt.  Blend that together with a heavy spanish accent and that’s who he was.

I decided to go to Nevada Smith’s for a little while & sing some Karaoke to wake up that crowd…then hang out with a couple of my homegirls, go to Bar None & chill with my mans who I hadn’t seen in a hot minute & his lady friend.  No alcohol of course for me.

My final passengers of the night (who I only got because I have the van) were coming out of some bar on 2nd ave & 2nd street and wanted to go to a diner in Yuppiesburg.  I talked to this relatively cute chick who is into her Karaoke and somewhat into sports because when I told her that Nevada Smith’s had karaoke on Thursday night she uttered “No shit?” Her, like everyone else only knows Nevadas as a soccer bar.  One of her fave songs to sing is Ignition (Remix).  Well, I have a key she has her ignition.  Anyway, she showed me some bar around there that has Skee-Ball and even holds Skee-Ball tournaments.  Hella interesting but look…I’m not goin to Yuppiesburg to play Skee-Ball.  She got bonus points for being a Mets fan even though she hasn’t been to CitiField yet.  She used to be a Cubs fan.  I mocked the “Go Cubs Go.” and she replied “Well I don’t know where they’re going.” haaaaaaaaaa.

That’s really it.  People stayed well-behaved today.  High-Pressure Fridays begin at 430pm EDT.  And so on.


1 Response to “DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 4/8/10).”

  1. 1 M. Wright
    April 9, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Yeah man… me and my son Kyle talked about gold and platinum for the past what… 4-5 years now. He has bought some gold. Of course being in my fucked up position since I went back to school, I haven’t had the money to invest, but I would HIGHLY recommend Gold, Silver and Platinum.

    Don’t know if that’s true about Palladium, but the other three? YES.

    I want to get people together and brainstorm… those who have business and investing ideas. This was supposed to come off last year and I got so caught up with that summer job and trying to find a REAL job that I never followed through. But remember we were pitching some ideas this time last year? Now it’s time to do it. Having solid investments in those metals will be as clutch as having tech stock in the late 90s was.

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