DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 4/14/10).

Better late than never right?  I was too lazy to type yesterday so thus shall it be.

I was much more focused this Wednesday than I was the night before.  I was in a really good mood for the vast majority of the day.

I made this snowbunny hop onto the curb though.  It was half my fault half the dude who hailed me fault.  I was coming down 7th avenue and around the middle lane when I see dude hail me down.  I go over to the far left…but as I’m crossing 14th street THAT’S when he wants me to turn?  Umm..how is that gonna work?  I had to back up ON 7th avenue and then make the left it was weird.  Some dude that was on the curb then tells me “you need to formulate a better strategy on how to do that.”  What is this, science class shut the fuck up conio.  No I don’t know how to do that fancy spanish N.

These Asians surprised me by takin a cab from Penn Station to St. John’s University and actually tipping 25%.  Then again though they were the very American versions.

The last dude who got in my cab was delayed from Las Vegas for an hour but was still upset about it ha.  He was goin into Brooklyn and we didn’t talk much…until the Rockies’ walkoff HR got us both upset.  Yes, I listen to Mets games sometimes on the radio.  How I do it…I don’t know.  He tells me that he doesn’t follow baseball much anymore and hates the Yankee Bandwagon Universe.  I respect that.

DK’s CAB-Ulary: Williamsburg West- The stretch on Ludlow Street between Houston & Delancey Streets on the Lower East Side.

Wednesday was extremely boring..which also explains the delay.  New episode tonight beginning at 5pm.  And so on.


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