DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 4/18/10).

This past Sunday was probably my least productive day of all time.  The streets were dead.

At JFK, activity was once again very slow.  The volcanic eruption in Iceland has been hella burdensome because it has affected so much travel and it even affects the taxi industry here…because no one is coming ha.  One of the advantages to having a minivan however is that if you’re on one of the lines and situated in the front- on occasion the dispatcher will get on the intercom & request for a minivan to come to the office & they’ll give you a ticket right then & there to a terminal; cutting the line.  This also goes for people with wheelchair vans and Spanish-speaking drivers.

With that said, I pulled into the airport at 6 and was walkin around a bit being online on my phone when the dispatcher calls for a minivan.  Jackpot.  I’m in and out of the airport in record time (5 minutes) and go to the infamous Terminal 1.  I pick up this Korean couple who packed as if they were leaving from Kim Jong II.  The broad is rockin some shades & tells me when she gets inside “Can u turn volume down we had very rough day can’t take music noise now.”  Aight fine.  All zzzz on the front and then I drop them off on 29th between 6th and 7th Aves at the Doubletree Hotel.  The dude tries to give me a $100 bill.  ENOUGH WITH THIS $100 SHIT AT THE BEGINNING OF MY SHIFT!  Unlike Saturday night though there wasn’t any place where he could break change so unfortunately for me he had to use his credit card.  It might have been for the best though because he tipped $5.  I don’t know if he would have tipped if he paid in cash.

WTF Moment of the Day:  I just finished droppin off this family over at the Waldorf-Astoria and then I pick up this woman from there.  She tells me to take her to 64th and Riverside BOULEVARD.  HUH?? “Yes it exists I swear..it’s not on Google Maps or anything like that but I promise you it exists.  Just drive to the water.”  Oh okay.  She turned out to be right.  Even though the street signs aren’t up yet, this unnamed road which overlooks the West Side Highway does in fact exist from 64th street-72nd street I believe.  Hella hella nice area by the way.

I hate the RFK Bridge because: It takes away from my tips.  I had two customers that I picked up from LaGuardia Airport and took into Manhattan.  One to 110th and Morningside Drive and the other to 91st street & Broadway.  Both times I had to take that damn bridge.  Both fares came out to around $26 after the toll.  Both broads give me about $3 in tips SMFH.

Good DK vs. Bad DK: In reality I was hella hungry and wanted to stop over at the Chicken & Rice spot on 53rd and 6th avenue to grab a chicken gyro.  However, I ended up in the Union Square area and simply got some Wendy’s.  I ordered my food and this homeless “brutha” asks me if I could buy him something to eat.  Normally I would act as if I didn’t hear him but my intuition told me that the least I could do was help him.  So I finished chompin down on my Double Stack, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger no mayo & medium fries…and after seeing quite a few people with food pass him by without paying him any mind…I get up, throw my trash out and tell the dude to roll with me.  To be frank, he wasn’t overjoyed or anything like that…but he was quite appreciative.  I told him to order and it’s not as if he wanted to get a Thanksgiving feast.  All he wanted was a 5-piece chicken nuggets and a large Diet Dr. Pepper with no ice.  It only cost $3.35.  I felt pretty good about doing my good deed for the day but it wasn’t as if I did it to show up anyone.  I figure look..if I could spend $5.74 on myself, what’s an extra $3.35?  And to the people that passed him by, I understand yall broke but THAT broke?

I can see their skepticism though…to a degree.  There are a lot of homeless people in the city but some will pose as them and panhandle.  If someone is hungry though & is simply asking for food, I feel much more comfortable buying them that then giving them money…which they could use on anything and could even defeat the purpose.

This white boy waits outside of Taco Bell right after I do this & asks for change so he can get somethin to eat SMFH that dude looked like he might have ran away from home but nothing more.  I gave him 15 cents.

That was all the intrigue on this pathetic Sunday.  We’re on vacation in Texas for the rest of this week but maybe…just MAYBE yall will get a bonus feature while I’m down there.  Next episode is Tuesday April 27th at 4:15pm EDT.  Peep the poll question below. And so on. 


1 Response to “DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 4/18/10).”

  1. April 20, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    I am the same way with homeless people…if you’re asking for a specific food item, and everyone else is acting like they don’t exist, I will go ahead and buy them something to eat. We are all human beings, after all. It’s much, much better than giving money to someone who may use it on drugs or booze.

    I always enjoy your blog. Keep em coming!

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