DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 4/27/10).

I’m baaaaaaaaack.  Texas was a relaxing change of pace..albeit a temporary one.  Returning to the most hectic city in the world to do the #3 most stressful job in America according to Yahoo!, I was praying that my first day back was gonna be hella chill & I got exactly what I wanted.

JFK is still pretty sluggish.  I was sent to the JetBlue Terminal 5 but was waiting there for literally 45 minutes.  Unfortunately for me, the two passengers I picked up were going to Brooklyn.  Fortunately for me though, they were going to Williamsburg & that means I get to pick up a shortie ticket.  I was listening to the Mets game at the time and the Spanish dude I guess was a Mets fan too so we were listening to that shit.  I got $40+tip=$47 from them which was clutch & made me feel like I haven’t lost my touch ha.

I return to the airport and get sent to Delta’s Terminal 2 which I usually hate because I almost always get shorties from there.  No I’m not talkin about chicks ha otherwise I’d never be bitchin.  Anyhow my passengers are goin to Manhattan but I kinda know one of the dispatchers.  He asks me if I’m comin back to the airport or if I’m done.  Moral DK says he’s done..but had I said I was goin back..he would have given me a shortie ticket anyway even though technically I wasn’t supposed to ha.  When I realized that the passengers I had were basically 5 minutes off the Queensboro Bridge I kicked myself..but only temporarily.

I catch fire because I get three passengers in a row who would give me $11.50.  My 3rd passenger was this chick going to 45th and Madison to this hotel.  My meter had run out of paper & I didn’t have time to reload it so the entire time my retarded meter is beeping.  I tell her not to worry about it.  I do almost get into a wreck though when this minivan tries to cut three lanes to cut me off and make a left turn.  I sort of saw it coming though so I was able to cross over & avoid him but that was a bit worrysome.  The lady tells me that she has never driven a day in her life before and has no idea how people are able to do it..much less cab drivers.  My meter wasn’t really on so she asks me how much it would be.  I tell her $8 and in essence I’m correct because the meter starts at $3.50; I went down 40 blocks (4 street blocks= 1/5ths of a mile so $4) and a crosstown block= 40 cents).  She tips me $4 and then I’m able to put paper in the meter ha.

Where they do that at??:  Black dude hails me down at 16th street & 6th avenue and wants me to take him to 22nd street “my brotha”.  The itis is quite powerful but a quick $4.50 never hurts.  The weird thing was that after I dropped him off he kept walkin & went past 23rd street so I was confused?

In Texas, gas prices fluctuate like crazy.  You can go to one gas station & then another one a couple of blocks over could be 20 cents a gallon more expensive.  Hella irregular.  I come back here to NYC and my gas station’s prices went up 8 cents/gallon aww man.  Also, the DFW cabs which are also metered are a little cheaper.  It costs $2.25 to get in and they charge 20 cents per 1/9ths of a mile..or $1.80 a mile.  Any additional passengers get charged $1 each.

What would turn out to my final passenger of the day took me to Greenpoint & he’s one of em nice folks who ask me how my night is goin.  I tell him I just came from vacation so it sucks being back but whatever..and he asks me where I went.  We talk about DFW a little bit since he’s been there & went for All-Star Weekend (bastard).  Come to find out he’s originally from St. Louis and turned himself into a Knicks fan.  He likes Mike D’Antoni.  Man…he has NO IDEA but he’s learning how to be a basketball fan and us Knicks fans are hella knowledgeable so he won’t have much difficulty.

I waited at LaGuardia Airport for about an hour but when I got there it was almost midnight & was a foolish decision since 99.8% of flights are done by that time so I went home.

Peep the poll question that was inspired by reading the Daily News this morning.  Long-Haul Thursdays begin at 4:45pm tomorrow.  I’m strongly considering no longer working on Thursdays & substituting them with Wednesdays though since I’d rather do a 1-2-1-3 off/on based sked as opposed to a 1-1-1-4 one.  And so on.


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