DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 5/2/10).

Sundays are always the day that I take the least seriously especially after having to deal with Fridays & Saturdays…no contest.  At times I don’t even feel like workin these days but they offer so little stress to me that I just start around 6 and take it from there.

I don’t know what it is with me and Taxi Dispatchers but they seem to really like me.  I got back-to-back shortie tickets even though they were both trips to Manhattan.  Both rides were boring as fuck..although the first one had a baby that kept crying.  God bless the radio.

The third time I went to the airport I had a passenger that wanted to go to the Bronx (Riverdale).  We start talkin about the whole bomb scare crap from Saturday and how if you really want to bring the city to its knees, hit the underground.  Nevertheless though, we New Yorkers have heard it all at this point.  Do remember that we’ve had hella scares before and then when we DID get attacked..there was no real forewarning.  But I digress.  He tells me that I look really familiar to him.  What??  The only way I could see this coming to fruition is if I played Lacrosse against him in junior high.  He talks my head off about how us as Americans consume 20% of all the resources in the world even though we make up 5% of the population, how basically everything we use is oil-based and how we need to find innovative ways to cut down on natural oil use.  An intelligent dude I’ll give him that (he talked about his computer science degree).  Then he got philosophical on me:

“What really is a fact?  Someone can 100% convince you on one side of the spectrum; while someone else can sway you in the totally opposite direction.  Are they both facts…or both opinions??”
“Vladmir Putin said, ‘Why are Americans & Westerners so obsessed with living?'”

Both valid questions that don’t really have answers to them.

I went back to the city & took a couple 9 blocks to Penn Station.  I then decided even though this would be terrible to eat at midnight to try Five Guys Burgers & Fries for the first time.  My thoughts on the place?  The burger was SLAMMIN..the fries though not so much.

I took this Asian chick & her white guy friend to Brooklyn next but they had to stop at Allen & Delancey to wait for a friend to give the guy a key.  Probably his roommate?  That wasn’t the weird thing though.
Her: Got change for a $50?
Me: Actually I do.
Guy (to her): I’m sure he has a bunch of $20s for workin all day.

How the fuck would you know when I started my shift? I could have had all credit card transactions and not have any 20s on me you jackass.

Spanish Guy: 25th and Broadway.
Me: (turns on 26th street at 7th avenue so I can get to Broadway)
Spanish Guy: You had to turn on 25th street.
Me: How? 25th street goes west; Broadway is east.
Spanish Guy: Okay.  Here is fine then.
My Brain: Alrighty then.

That was pretty much it on an uneventful Sunday night.  Next shift begins 515pm EDT Tuesday.  And so on.


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