DK’s Lost Taxi Cab Chronicles (and random thoughts).

I dropped this lady off and she had a $5.50 fare.  She pays me $7 and then asks for 50 cents back.  Who on earth would want 2 quarters back??  Does it look like I need money to put in a meter?

I take this Asian chick to Greenpoint and she is surprised on how quickly she got there from 7th avenue & 36th street.  She tells me how most people would take the Williamsburg Bridge to the BQE in order to get there.
Her: “I’d tell them Pulaski Bridge. They say “oh ok ok” and then keep goin to the Williamsburg ahaha.”
Me: Ohhh.  I woulda done the same shit too a couple of months ago but now I know.
I don’t know how it came about but we then had a conversation about how we hate people who stare at you for inordinate amounts of time.  It is hella uncomfortable when they do that outside of NYC because it’s meant to be friendly..but we’re so used to it having a creepy “leave me alone” connotation here.

Note to fellas: 2 of us rockin a matchin shirt of any kind is bad enough. But matchin sneakers too?  WHERE THEY DO THAT AT??  As Riley from the Boondocks would note “Nigga you gay!”  I never saw purple Nike Foamposities before and then I saw two of em.  In a row ha.

On Friday night around Columbus Circle there were having one of those mass biker protests where they’d all ride their bikes on the street.  NIGHTMARES GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE STREET WHEN I’M DRIVIN.  The thing is that most bikers that ride around Manhattan especially when there are no designated bike lanes ride like they got no sense.  And then..even when they do they still act retarded.  You know how pedestrians only own the sidewalks?  Yall only own that little bike lane and the side of the road.  Anywhere else and you’re fair game.  This jackass comes out of nowhere the other night as I’m tryin to make a left turn…he speeds up and then goes HEYYY!  Well heyyy this ain’t X-Games NYC you don’t get judged on how skillfully you can make me panic & nearly hit you.

I have to renew my license in a few weeks.  Mail out this form, pay the Man $120 for a new 2 year one which expires in 2012…notarize a child support certification even though the only kids I got are still prospective semen; take some 4 hour class for first year drivers (that they just made a requirement this year by the way) which to be frank with you is another way of making some quick bucks (it’s a $20 class); get drug-tested (it’s all good, I’m drug-free) for $26.50 again.  It’s annoyin but what can you do?  To make money you gotta spend money.  Word aapp.

And so on.


2 Responses to “DK’s Lost Taxi Cab Chronicles (and random thoughts).”

  1. 1 Abby
    May 4, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    How often do you have to get drug tested

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