DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 5/4/10).

Tuesday felt more like a Thursday in regards to the trips I took.  I only had 15 trips…but 3 were airport ones, two took me to Brooklyn and one took me up to Washington Heights.

I love my European ladies but I never had been more disappointed in my cab rides than at this lady when she smiled at me and her teeth were crookedish & brown.  Don’t get me wrong, my teeth aren’t a pearly white either and still need to be bleached..but jeez they can’t be lookin like the Colosseum in Rome.  She couldn’t speak a lick of English and handed me a paper with what hotel she was going to which was fine and then she smiled again.  Argh my eyes.

This lady walks HELLA slowly into my cab at 82nd and Broadway and wants me to take her to 76th and West End Avenue (the next crosstown block west).  Considerin how the tortoise would have been considered the hare in this fable, yeah this is a trip that I could understand.

I love it when a cabbie gets in front of you and then a passenger emerges right after they pass on by so I can pick them up ha.  Cocksuckers.  Anyhow I pick up this hella chill dude around 10th avenue and 57th street headin to 2nd and 34th and I have my N.O.R.E CD on.  The God’s Favorite album which by the way I felt was aight (more on it in a moment).  It leads to us havin a discussion about music & what we listen to.  We both can’t get enough of the 90s shit (as any real fan of hip hop shouldn’t) though it was interesting about iPods.  The dude took a while to get used to iPods and I didn’t have an iPod until around September 2008 myself.  Man the days of the tape players & CD players.  I had thought when I had gotten my AIWA CD/Radio player that it was the coolest thing on earth.  In 1999.  But I digress.  I come to find out he works for Channel One that high school/college station and that brings back memories of when I used to watch that in high school at St. Francis Prep lmao.  Before he gets out, he tells me that Little Brother (one of my favorite non-commercial artists) is performing the same day as Hot 97’s Summerjam on June 6th.  Decisions decisions..

That was the only person to talk to me yesterday.

You know things are going right when you forget to turn on the meter when you pick up people until you’re almost at their stop ha.  Granted it was a relatively short trip (from a NYU dorm Carlyle at 15th and Union Square West to 21st and Park Avenue South) but I felt like a dummy.  Nevertheless they felt bad and the dude gave me $9 ha.  He asked me if that was good.  I said “oh most definitely.”  The ride honestly would have cost them around $5ish so he overcompensated.

I don’t know if it was the same guy (I don’t think so actually) but someone left a Jansport blue bag in the cab last night.  I didn’t know of this until I picked up an African-American lady headin to Bedford-Stuyvesant tippin me $1.50 on a $17.50 ride (typical).  The contents in the bag are a Washington Nationals hat, some Orbitz gum, an empty soda bottle and an Blackberry from AT&T.  If you’re somehow reading this, yeah I got your shit.  I have no use for none of these things so don’t worry about me being an ass.  It doesn’t help that the Blackberry has a password on it.

The FDR/Harlem River Drive’s construction at 1230am on a Tuesday night should NOT make the highway as congested as it was dear God.

I’m gettin my Cinco de Mayo on today and tryin to have a form of a social life.  Long Haul Thursdays go down tomorrow beginning at 4:35pm EDT.  And so on.


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