DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 5/8/10).

Last night was one of those days in which everything felt off.  I don’t know what was wrong persay but I wasn’t in much of a good mood.  Even when I eventually did get into one it would quickly fade.

My first passenger of the day needed to go to Penn Station.  I guess he flew in and then needed to take Amtrak down to DC but he missed his train & had to reschedule.  He asked me if he could catch a 8pm bus to DC and where he’d get it from.  Port Authority 8 blocks away within 10 minutes in that Saturday night traffic?  Hell nah ha.

Immediately after them I pick up these fairly old touristas goin to 54th and Broadway.  “Do you speaka de spanish?” No I don’t but I understanda whata you saya to me in English.  In typical tourist fashion they tip 40 cents on a $9.60 fare.

I always cringe when I pick up someone who is Indian/Paki/Bengali because they’re notoriously bad tippers (even worse than black people) and this lady who I picked up from 7th avenue & 38th street was no exception.  90 cents on a $9.10 fare isn’t THAT bad (it’s what, 9%?) but on a credit card it looks tacky.

You have those moments where you get hella short trips and in a way they’re cool because it’s quick money but when they both pay with credit card and aren’t paying much attention, it’s annoying.  This one guy I drop off on 34th between 9th and 10th avenue told me he could get out on Dyer Ave (Lincoln Tunnel approach).  On the middle lane?  Really?  Nah dawg I’m pullin over on the next block.  Then this guy who goes 11 blocks up on 10th avenue has no idea that I got him to 45th street that quickly.
Him: I said 10th avenue & 45th street.
Me: We’re here.
Him: Oh my, I’m so sorry..yeah I’m actually on the next block on the near right corner.
I’m on the near left corner of 45th street so I have to wait for traffic to stop flowing.

God forbid if I’m the one that doesn’t pay attention then the passenger starts PMS’ing.

These 2 white broads are hailing for a cab on the corner of 46th street so I make a right to try and pick them up but they shake their heads no.  Then they get onto the next cab.  What I do?  Is it because I was wearing a hoodie and looked like I would rob them?  Was it my van?  Lord knows.  I felt insulted tho ha.

I pick up these five dudes on the Upper East Side and they’re headin to “K-Town” aka Korea Town.  They’re having their bachelor party…doing Karaoke?  You can’t be serious…but hey I bet the bride-to-be ain’t complaining one iota.  I have my iPod on so I have it on a shuffle (it’s mainly 90s hip hop on there).  One of the guys sits next to me and starts talkin to me about how he wonders what it’s like to be a cab driver.  “I bet so many hot girls get in your cab…” Um, they tend to avoid my cab unfortunately ha.  Little do they know it’s usually the couples or big group of dudes cab.  Zzzzzzzz.  One of the guys was gonna pay me $16 in cash but another guy insisted on paying with card and he did.  At the end of it all it was $12 in credit and $5 in cash.  What?

I ultimately ended up in Williamsburg as usual and on a Saturday night you can get lucky & pick up a passenger goin back to Manhattan.  I got fortunate.  This sweet girl comes in needin to go to the new hotel on 190 Allen Street (which is apparently a party spot) and she was a cool chick.  She was tellin me about how her work Blackberry can “self-destruct” because there’s a password on it and after ten incorrect attempts you get locked out.  If she lost it she can call work to make sure they don’t erase her shit but if I were to take it it’d be of no use to me.  Smart.  We shared out disdain for the bridge & tunnel crowds and how they’re so naive when it comes to where to go in the city.

Lady who gets in my cab goin to Greenpoint: It’s gotten so cold!
Me: It’s not that cold..it’s windy though.
Lady: Nooo..it’s cold! It was so much warmer today.
Me: A cold front passed through.  I feel bad for anyone who were wearing nothing 2 hours ago.

My favorite passenger of the day was this woman named Tasha who I picked up in Greenpoint headin into Manhattan.  We had hella good conversation..I don’t know how it went from talkin about how cold it was to how people are vapid and uninteresting for the most part these days but that’s what happened.  She’s a New Orleans native and hates the state of Texas because everyone moves there…thus sucking the talent from other cities.  “What is there really in Texas outside of Oil and BBQ??” Lmfaooo.  I guess you can say I was tryin to spit some game and she did take down my email address so she can find me on Facebook.  Still awaiting her Facebook request ha.

I’m feelin so apathetic right now that I’m not even gonna finish these chronicles.  Part II of these and Sunday’s Chronicles I’ll type up tomorrow.  Today’s episode begins at 5:15pm EDT.  And so on.


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