DK’s Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 5/9/10).

For every shitty feeling day you can turn right back around and have a flat-out dominant one and that’s what tonight was all about.  Breaks that don’t go your way one day just so happen to crack the following and when that energy is in the air, it’s contagious.  I suppose.

My first passengers of the day I picked up at 745pm at Terminal 4.  They were an older couple in their 60s most likely and were comin from Ireland to stay at “59th street, Manhattan.”  Um, what does that mean to me?  I sound like a DJ askin them where exactly are they going but they don’t hear me.  In fact, they don’t say anything to me until I reach the LIE (Long Island Expressway):
Guy: You only do..airport today?
Me: Nah I just started.
Guy: Ha Ha What???

You heard me ha.  They FINALLY tell me when I’m on the Queensboro Bridge approach that they’re goin to 59th street between 6th and 7th avenues.

To the surprise of no one- Penn Station is the easiest place in Manhattan to get a fare and with it being around 830pm this was no exception.  There are designated waiting areas on 7th avenue as well as on 8th avenue but of course you’ll have stragglers waiting outside of those places.  Good for me as a driver because I don’t have to wait on line if I personally feel like it myself.  There were three people basically in a row that tried to hail me and I passed the first one (Asian chick).  I was about to pick up the white guy but then I saw a white girl in front of HIM so I picked her up instead.  It was nothin against the guy; I figured if I picked up the one furthest in front (or south), I wouldn’t hold up anyone else & force taxis to go around, etc.  Chalk up another smart decision- she tipped $3 on a $6.70 ride to 27th street and 3rd avenue.

I was goin down 34th street once again because my original plan was to go to Penn Station.  When I got to around 6th avenue or so some lady honked at me and asked me how to get to Penn Station…as the light was turning green.  I was gonna tell her to go to the next block and make a left but instead told her to follow me….

Then a couple hailed me over and the lady continued to follow me but I stuck my hand out to tell her to go to the left lane and turn as I was goin to pick those people up.  For someone who’s been doin this less than 3 months that’s fuckin talent ha fuck your thoughts if you think otherwise.

My next planned move was to go west on 61st street from 1st avenue and then go back to the West Side.  With my previous passengers making me drop them off on the complete opposite corner- I had to wait for the flow of traffic to disappear and then make the left cuttin 4 lanes.
*Bellhop Whistle*
In other words stop what you’re thinkin you’re takin a chick with a big ass box…over to the home borough to Astoria.
The first thing she mentions is my music and that I must be a hip-hop head.  That I am.  She mentions that it’s very rare for a cab driver to be playing tunes much less hip-hop and she got the Kanye Shrug from me.  It was only fitting as she is a Chicagoland native.  She goes on to talk about how De La Soul was the group that first made her fall in love with hip-hop.  I tell you what.  Go listen to some of their shit and tell me that they weren’t ahead of their time.  Start off with “Stakes Is High” and go from there.  You’re welcome.  Anyhow, she is not a fan of the mainstream shit and just like myself- is perplexed on how Drake goes from being no one to headlining SummerJam 2010 in a manner of less than a year.  I loved what she said about today’s shit “It’s like anyone can go throw paint to the wall and call it art.”  She was a very good tipper ($6 on a $13) and she was close enough to LaGuardia that that was my next move.

After two uneventful trips (with the last one makin my cab smell like cigarette smoke because the broad had one right before gettin in- I hate that shit)- I was gonna head back to the home borough to LGA.  This kid runs for a cab that was waiting at 57th street and 1st avenue (where I was turning to) and asks if he can get in.  I’m thinking ahh fuck I just missed one.  The guy decides to go off-duty though; so he gets into mine instead.  Bleeker & Mercer streets was the stop.  Right across from the good ole NYU Coles Center ha memories of that fuckin place… He hands me $15 and asks for $2 back (fare was $11.10).  Aight cool..and then he hands me another dollar.  Good man.  Good. Man.

I go down Houston Street now going east.  The plan was to go to a bar, take a piss, head back down to Ludlow and if that failed, back to the home borough to LGA.  Plan thwarted, female blonde passenger hailing me from Mott street.  I begin to hear whispering & muttering in the back but I’m not gonna turn my head around obviously- I’m gonna look into the mirror.  Lord knows what she was talking about to herself but the whisper whistle sound was out of one of those “scary” movies.  She’d look outside and start sayin shit.  I shoulda whispered “Wait til you see my dick”  or at least played the song on my iPod & went Ying Yang Twins with her but not necessary ha.

My next to last passenger was this chick dressed in all-black who I could have sworn was a) gonna take me to Williamsburg (since I was afterall on Ludlow street) and b) just finishing watching a live show by a band or somethin.  Zero for two.  She’s goin all the way over on the west side on Hudson Street near the Holland Tunnel and I come to find out that she’s an actress competing for a lead role in an upcoming show that is likely to be on a major cable network soon (“Framed”).  The premise of this show is supposed to be about mobs and the ilk and is set in the 60s.  She did say that she’ll for sure be on the show..but is honestly scared of being the lead girl.  She’d rather be a co-host or somethin ha.  Best of luck to her for real; she has another audition at 10am.  How’d the convo start? Over her asking if I had a pen to jot that down ha.

I go down 14th street and honestly I didn’t know what I was gonna do- whether I was gonna go down Broadway..or just keep going straight.  I would have picked up this dude who was waiting for a cab at the corner but the light just turned red (I just missed gettin him by one uptown cab also).  Then I WAS gonna go down Broadway but I saw an empty cab turn left onto that shit so I said nevermind and was goin down to 4th avenue where I see this chick dressed in punk rock attire hailing for a cab.  She smiles at me when I stop for her.
Her: How are you doing today sir?

Sir?? WHERE THEY FIND GIRLS LIKE THAT AT???  This would turn out to be the most unexpected ride of all time..in all facets.  Somehow all of these facets would be positive ones.

Her name was Jay (I thought she had said Jane but it really was Jay ha) and she was just comin from a concert over at Irving Plaza.  I asked her who performed and she said a band called “HIM”.  I burst out laughin.  From what I gather, they’re a rock band but they do “love rock/metal” if that’s even possible.  She says though it’s not the sexual kind, but the clean-cut.  Whatever that means?  Justin Bieber with electric guitars?  I have to look up this band though.  She’s a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor as well which caught me completely off-guard but come to think of it, she did look pretty fit and she was drinkin one of those drinks you’d find at GNC ha.  I used to do Muay Thai Kickboxing (I’ma get back on that shortly aka whenever I actually decide to just go).  We go on and talk about other shit including one of my random pet peeves:

I’m probably the only person who doesn’t find the quote “You’re so smart” to be a great compliment.  It doesn’t take all that much to be smart though.  All you have to do is allow your mind to be open, LOOK AROUND and READ signs, books, articles, etc and you can be considered smart.  They say ignorance is bliss.  If that’s so, we’re one happy as fuck country.

With that being said, the cab ride took me all the way to Bensonhurst.  The fare was $32.70.  She gave me $50.  She was already the sweetest girl who’s ever gotten in my cab in my life.  She could have given me no tip and I still woulda thought she was awesome.  I was smitten like I was yesterday with that Tasha girl ha.  Although something tells me Jay was no older than 21.

Did you get her info, DK?  Nahhh, I should have though.  She told me to have a good night too quickly before I had a chance to really say anything.  Nothin wrong with this though.  Not every chick I have amazing convo with I need to try and ultimately come away with collateral with.

And with that, my shift ended at 1220am.  Lost Saturday night chronicles I’ll have for you my next entry, I promise.  New episode begins Tuesday at 5pm EDT.  And so on.


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