DK’s Brain- My favorite & least favorite spots to fuck with.

For any cab driver, it’s important knowin where to go to pick up fares and make that straight cash homie.  As you gain experience, you sort of develop a plan.

Rush Hour (4-8pm Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays)- Just about anywhere I go is prime to pick up passengers wanting to go home.  The obvious hot spots are in and around Penn Station (the #1 overall spot)  and Grand Central Terminal but you’ll find stragglers on nearly every avenue.  The best avenues for me are 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th.  The major cross streets of 57th, 42nd, 34th, 23rd and 14th you cannot go wrong with either.  I’m not way downtown by the Financial District too often but you can’t go wrong with the Wall Street/Fulton Street area either.

Airports- I live 10 minutes from JFK so why not start there?  I always do.  On weekdays I tend to wait there for about 30-45 minutes (usually no more than that) and on weekends about an hour+.  LaGuardia, the wait is shorter because the lot is nowhere near as big…but of course your fare will be as well.  Don’t fuck with LGA after midnight because activity literally comes to a halt.  Same with JFK especially after 1230am.

Other prime areas (at other times):
– Amsterdam Ave between 79th and 82nd streets (quite a few bars)
– Lower East Side (Alphabet City’s Bars & definitely the Ludlow/Stanton/Rivington conundrum).
– 1st & 2nd Avenues below 14th street (primarily on weekends; especially Saturdays though).
– Bowery/3rd Avenues (between Delancey & East 14th and then again when you reach 25th street-34th street on weekend nights).
– When the Blue Man Group show ends on Lafayette Street & Astor Place.
– Lincoln Center, MSG, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, The Theatre at MSG after shows.
– 6th avenue in general (on weekends especially in Greenwich Village; then again between 19th-23rd streets because of the clubs; Hearld Square area; Bryant Park area and then the Radio City Music Hall area/Hotels).  6th is my favorite uptown avenue.
-7th avenue is my favorite downtown avenue.
– passengers who go to Williamsburg or Greenpoint in Brooklyn because getting back to Manhattan takes less than ten minutes; plus sometimes you get lucky and get a returning fare (particularly on Saturday nights).  same with Brooklyn Heights/Carroll Gardens area for the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridges.
– same with passengers who go to Long Island City in Queens.
– Hudson Street/8th avenue up until 23rd street is good too..but can’t hold a candle to 6th/7th.
– Meat Packing District on Saturdays with your Bridge/Tunnel crowd.

Where I hate going:
– Lexington Avenue is trash..there’s nothing really there outside of between 53rd and 34th streets; near the Queensboro Bridge (rush hour) and Hunter College.
– Columbus Avenue doesn’t have shit unless you go near Lincoln Center or the American Museum of Natural History.
– The rest of Amsterdam Avenue..unless you’re near Columbia University.
– Broadway north of 72nd street ESPECIALLY after midnight.
– Anywhere north of 96th street after midnight.  Long lonely drive back to civilization.
– 2nd avenue north of 14th street.  Sure; there are a lot of bars between 89th and 79th and then again between 53rd-42nd…but it’s just so fuckin congested and an unmitigated hodgepodge.  Plus construction between 101st and 68th streets don’t help.  To add insult to injury, most of those people ain’t goin far.
– The Bronx because that boro is hella confusing to me.
-in  Brooklyn (East New York or Brownsville in particular because you’re stuck in no-man’s land.  Not too close to the highway, nor to the airport).
– Port Authority because I tend to get people who NEVER tip.
– in Queens- anywhere I didn’t mention UNLESS it’s after 2am because it gives me an excuse to end my shift.
– Sunset Park in Brooklyn is also no-man’s land.  I could hop on the Belt & go home or I can go back to Manhattan…but the local way SUCKS.
– Battery Park City is a snoozefest.
– Financial District after 10pm.
– Madison & 5th avenues tend to have the prissiest passengers I can’t explain it.  Plus for picking up passengers after 10pm it SUCKS.  ALTHOUGH- 5th avenue is okay south of 42nd street on weekends and it’s certainly great for picking people up during rush hour.

I think that about covers it.  And so on.


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