DK’s Brain- Five Questions.

There’s probably some shit you’re interested in knowin..whether it’s through conversations I have with customers or frequently asked questions by some of yall readers so I’ma take some time out to answer em.

Q (me to them): What are your thoughts on the law that outlaws cab drivers from being on their bluetooth devices?
A: I’ve found out that cabbies being on their cell phones for the most part doesn’t bother anyone because they’re usually doing their own thing anyway (talking amongst each other or on the phones themselves).  As long as they’re concentrating on the road and get the passenger from point A to point B that’s what most important to them.  The only times it annoys them is if they’re hella loud.  Plus, since most speak Urudu or Hindu that probably bothers them too ha.

Q: Why don’t you write a book on this shit?
A: Hold your horses yall ha.  I’ve only been doing this for three months.  Give me until I’ve been doing this for a year and then we’ll talk.

Q: Did you wake up one day & decide you wanted to drive a cab?
A: Not at all. I, like the vast majority of people, looked down at the thought of driving a cab to make a living due to its connotation of being “an immigrant’s job”.  You’re taught to chase your dreams, be a working man in America with a 9-5 and be a breadwinner for your wife & kids.  The first time though it was actually brought up was around 2008 when I learned my dad was getting into the business to help out his best friend & my godfather..who has been in it for decades.  I didn’t take it seriously then..as I was still working part-time for Adidas.  Only last year did I take the process seriously; as I couldn’t find anything in my field of Sports Management.  You get a taste of humble pie when you see your account is in the red and you’re survivin gettin drunk off of $2.75 half pints of Georgi and $3 Bud Lights at the bar.  I’ve come a way.

Q: Why don’t you have a camera in your cab to record passengers who get in your cab?
A: Well, most passengers who get in my cab aren’t that entertaining.  Sure, the ones that do get in are..but you have to worry about possible lawsuits if you record them without permission (unless you want them to sign a waiver before getting in?) Anyhow, these are the only kinds of cameras allowed in a cab for now:
The in-vehicle security camera system takes digital photo images of the entire passenger area of the vehicle, and consists of a small camera with integrated infrared lighting that is installed above the vehicle’s rear-view mirror. The infrared lighting enables the capture of digital images during the day or night. The images are time and date stamped along with the vehicle identification number, and are stored in a small controller unit securely installed elsewhere in the vehicle The data is encrypted to prevent tampering and may only be accessed by authorized individuals through a proprietary software package. The system is designed to enhance driver safety by acting as a deterrent to crime and as an effective tool in identifying those who commit crime.

Q: How much money do you make on an average shift?
A: I’m sure yall don’t discuss your financial details to everybody so neither do I.  However; it’s all contingent to how many fares I pick up and how far these passengers are going.  I can tell you though how many passengers ON AVERAGE I pick up in a shift:
Sundays: 15
Tuesdays: 21
Thursdays: 22
Friday: 30
Saturday: 30
So based on that you probably have a fair idea of which days are my most successful financially.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out cab drivers make the most money on weekends because that’s when everyone is out and about.  The number of passengers that get in doesn’t always equate to how much money I make though.  I can have a day where I only pick up 20 passengers but make nearly $400 because I could get a couple of “shortie” tickets to/from JFK, a few trips in Manhattan and then go out of the borough a couple of other times.  Likewise, I could have 35 passengers in one shift but they all stay in Manhattan so I don’t make as much.  Obviously, the more I’m in prime locations, the better it is also.
Keep in mind I work at night..which is financially better also since many people either take cabs to go home (after work/happy hour/dinner) or to the bars/clubs (especially on Thursdays-Saturdays).  Working in the day before 4pm (before 8pm on Saturdays & Sundays) also has an added disadvantage of not receiving an extra surcharge.  Plus..fuck all those restrictions daytime drivers have & dealing with even more trucks, people walking, etc.

Lemme get to work.  And so on.


2 Responses to “DK’s Brain- Five Questions.”

  1. 1 kris
    May 22, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    where is Ktown? I hope its not Flushing that you think is Ktown cause its more like china town then spanish place and then you hit liitle india ahahha

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