DK’s Brain- Best & Worst Tippers.

Over the course of my three months driving the cab, I’ve began to get used to who will step their game up when it comes to tips..and who are simply Grade A Jackasses.  While every passenger is different and can buck their stereotype (whether positively or negatively); here are the results thus far:

Best Overall Tippers- Bartenders & Waiters/Waitresses.  When you think about it it shouldn’t come as any surprise; since they themselves know that they live or die with tips.  I tend to get a really good vibe with them too…since we have quite a bit in common.  I would assume strippers would be in this category too although I unfortunately have yet to pick up one.

People also on DK’s Good Side Tip Wise:
– Gays & Lesbians- I’m not really sure how to be honest…but they tend to be fairly generous.  Maybe it’s because I’m tolerant enough to pick them up?
– British- England (especially London) also has a world-class taxi service so they totally understand the deal here also.
– Airport Trips that don’t involve French or Indian people- A usual JFK-Manhattan trip will net me about a 20% tip from just about everyone..at least.  Sometimes it’s more if I converse with them.
– Anyone you converse with in general- Like I’ve said dozens of times, I don’t like to start up convos..but if someone does with me, I will try to keep their attention/keep them entertained.  You have to work for your tips not only by getting them from point A to point B as fast & safely as possible; but also by being respectful to them.
– Puerto Ricans- This surprised me.  I don’t pick them up too often because they usually don’t get in yellow cabs but they’re pretty effin good at this.  Sometimes, almost like their food, they can be very generous with their tip servings.
– Trips to Midwood/Bensonhurst in Brooklyn- It’s a longass trip to no-man’s land late night so you know those people are grateful that you’re willing to take them over there.

Worst Overall Tippers- Anyone who asks me “How much will it cost?”  That’s a recipe for disaster.  You know they’re only used to gypsy cabs & negotiating fares with them..so they’ll pay that exact amount & nothing more.

People also on DK’s Bad Side Tip Wise:
– African-Americans- They normally don’t take yellow cabs either..and in general my people are notoriously bad tippers anywhere (restaurants, bars, etc) so I don’t think most of my people know any better.  I think if Barack Obama made a 10 minute tape on tipping etiquette there would be some “change” if you will.
– French & Italians from Europe- It’s probably a part of their culture over there where tipping is considered an insult.  I have no idea how.  But I don’t get my hopes up when I have to pick one of them up.
– Indians/Pakis/Bengalis- They almost always pay with credit card and leave a measly $1 tip regardless of how far the trip takes me.
– Koreans/Chinese- They’re awful tippers also.  I call em the “won-dolla” nation.  The exception are those Asians who are Americanized..if you will.  They are okay by me.
– People I pick up from Port Authority- They tend to be in one of those groups. All. The. Damn. Time.
– Spanish people who ask if I speaka di Spanish- It’s a wrap.

Biggest Crapshoot- Passengers who go to the East Side.  I’ve gotten the strangest tips from them. Either they’ll be really good tippers; or downright awful (like the kid who left a 59 cent tip on his card once).  The fact they ask for cents back at times also downright slays me.

What about hot girls who get in your cab?- More often than not, just like when I guest bartended one time..they don’t necessarily tip that well.  They’re good for some eye-candy but most of the time if they’re by themselves they’re too busy on the Blackberry.  In a group however, they tip okay.

A Practice You’ll See Sometimes- Every now and then I’ll have passengers who won’t leave a tip on the card but will tip me in cash.  Works for me.  Probably the intimidation of being yelled at by other cab drivers has done this to them.

DK, are Jews as cheap as their stereotype portrays?- I wouldn’t know because the traditionally dressed/practicing Jews don’t take cabs.  Otherwise..I would say no.  The thing is, you know how black & spanish people like to differentiate themselves (oh I’m Haitian, Jamaican, Trini, Puerto Rican, Dominican, etc.).  White people I can’t tell what their nationality/religion is 75% of the time ha.

What do you think determines how good/bad your tip is gonna be?- As long as you don’t drive like a lunatic.  Most riders don’t give a fuck about anything else as long as you listen to them when needed & the cab isn’t dirty.  I don’t think I’ma get an extra dollar if I have one of those car scent things everywhere.

And that’s all the time we have for today. If I left anyone out, holla at me.  And so on.


2 Responses to “DK’s Brain- Best & Worst Tippers.”

  1. 1 Eze U.
    May 25, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    This African does his part to dispel stereotypes. If the service is good, there is a tip coming. No niggardly behavior here.

  2. 2 bridget
    May 25, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    I have to say, as a bartender I do always tip well. Especially when the driver is taking me home safely at 3-4am, and sometimes will let me smoke in the cab cause he knows I’ve been working all damn night. Also, I feel like shit, if he/she has to be up this late working like me, they deserve the damn tip…just like I do!

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