DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (Cash Cab Remix).

People will literally ask me to ask them questions as if I’m a cash cab.  Well..I was pretty tired yesterday I won’t front and I kept having brain freezes.  However, I did muster the following:

Q: When was the iPhone first released?
A (that I was given): 2004.
Actual Answer: 2007.

Q (they asked me): How many passengers you pick up per shift?
A (I told them): 15-20 on a weekday; 25-30 on a weekend.
DK’s Brain: Stupid fuckin question.
Them: Well I don’t have an exact correct answer for that.
Me: Well, you can’t ha.

Q: True or False- 50 Cent’s first album was Get Rich or Die Trying?  If it’s false, name the album.
A (by one of them): True.
A (by another): False.  Die Rich or Get…I don’t know.
Actual Answer: Power of the Dollar.
Them: That ain’t fair that’s like underground.

Their Q: Mos Def had a 4-CD set “Best of Mos Def: B-Sides”.  Name anyone on there he collaboed with.
Me: Talib Kweli.
Them: Aww c’monnn that’s too easy.
Me: Well you told me anyone ha.  Blackstar obviously.
Other Answers: Q-Tip, De La Soul, etc.

Q: What school did Lady Gaga go to for college?
One of them: Some French school.
Another one: Had to be a school of arts or something.
The third: I bet this is a trick question and she didn’t go to college.
One of them: Get the fuck outta here.
Me: Yeah, she dropped out though after a couple of years.

That’s all the time we have for today.  And so on.


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