DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (Back to School).

Today was a long day for me in which I had to take a one-time course in the AM…and then head to work in the PM (which I will write about later).

The Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) just recently mandated anyone who has a probationary license (a license for less than a year) to take a 4-hour continuing education course before your license expires.  This $20 class is in addition to the drug test & renewal fee for a now two-year license.  I decided to drive out to Long Island City rather than take the train..which was initially a mistake because I spent a good half-hour looking for parkin.  Finally I did, 8 blocks away from the damn place but it was at a broken meter so I was good to go.  I forgot my TLC license in the cab so I walked to-back-to..which I guess was a good workout.

I get there, and just like when I took my 24-hour class, I was the only person there that had an American accent.  There was even a chick driver there reppin for the ladies.  The guy had us go around & ask everybody what they like most & least about drivin.  Nothing too special except for a couple of hilarious stories I heard:
1) This Bengali dude had some guy take a piss in his cab.
2) The instructor told us a story on how a lady tried paying a fare with a credit card but her card was declined.  The cabbie called over a cop since she was gonna jump her fare so the cop told her she had to stay until someone paid for her (which they did in one credit card swipe).  Apparently three weeks later, the guy gets a letter saying that he has to go to court because the lady alleges that he grabbed her (and took a picture of a bruise she claimed she got from him) which was 100% false…except the cabbie didn’t get the cop’s info or anything..so in summation he was found guilty of getting physical with a customer which is a $1,600 fine & 60 day suspension.

The scary thing about being a cab driver is that points accumulated on your state license have an effect on your TLC license as well..and even tickets received.  If I get caught on the phone without a bluetooth in a private car it’s a summons & if found guilty not only do I have to pay that fine, BUT also I have to pay the TLC’s fine which is $200 + 3 TLC points + $75 for a 2 hour class.

I was officially told that I’m not supposed to have an iPod in the car.  Fuck that shit ha.  Someone said they had a problem with two guys making out in the cab when they’re driving and actually according to the rulebook, you can tell people to NOT conduct any sexual activities in the cab if you don’t find it comfortable.  Hmmmm.  Will DK’s Bordello be shut down?

They did show this chilling video at the end about the dangers of texting and driving.  I’m sure they’ve shown it at defensive driving classes before (this chick with her friends in the car is drivin & textin and it causes a major accident killing her friends, a couple other people and leaving her seriously injured).

This was part one of my day.  I went home around 2:15, took me with traffic about an hour to get home, took a nap then went to the airport.  To be continued.  And so on.


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