DK’s Brain- Did You Know?

Feels a million times better outside today.  Anyhow, people love to ask me these things so:

Q: Do you take a certain path every time you work or you’re just everywhere?
A: I will always start my shift at JFK since my partner-in-crime drops off the taxi for me after he’s done.  However from there all bets are off.  Lately I’ve been sent quite often to Terminals 4 & 5…although in theory I can really be sent anywhere.  When I get to the city I don’t have my own “certain path” but if I’m on the East Side I mainly go up 3rd avenue or down Park Avenue.  On the West Side I usually go up 6th or 8th avenues & down 7th avenue.  I know of some cab drivers who especially late at night only want to follow a certain path so it can be easier for them to get home or they don’t want to go to Brooklyn ha.  Remember, for those who work for garages it’s a race against time.

Q: Can you call for a taxi in advance?
A: No; but there are some cab drivers who have rapports with customers and they will arrange a time to pick them up persay.  This isn’t illegal of course because as long as the cabbie is off-duty prior to picking the customer off it’s all good.  The only cabs that you can call for advance in NYC are the livery/gyspy cabs (i.e the Dial 7 or Carmel cabs).

In 2008, it was estimated that 39,744 commuters took taxis daily to work- only 0.9% of New Yorkers.  The median cost per year?  Approximately $4,704.  Meanwhile, 1, 549,843 people took the subway daily; or 36.5% of the population. (source- Taxi Insider May 2010)

Scams you won’t hear about on the news:
1) A limo driver approached a French family and told them for $500 he could take them to all the attractions they wanted in NYC & a tour of all 5 boros.  He bought them breakfast; then while they were eating he bought the mother a big bouquet of flowers.  Asking to be paid in advance, the French guy obliged and went into Chinatown where they got out.  The driver gave them a phony business card with a non-working cell phone number and told them that he might have to move the limo just in case the police come.  Ha. “Just call me when you are finished.”  Peaced out.
2) Passengers who claim their credit cards have been stolen (or claim it after the transaction) will tell cab drivers that they have no cash and to take a $60 tip on the card.  They’ll tell them to split it so the cab driver gives them $30 in cash.  Of course, you will get duped in the end when the real credit card holder reports that their card is stolen.  That’s just plain stupidity if you were to get caught with that scam, though.

That’s all the time we have for today.  And so on.


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