DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 6/15/10).

I’m gonna do it in shoutout form today:

1) Shoutouts to this couple in their 50s who were my first passengers of the day who took me back to Rosedale (where I live) ha.  Obviously you have to ask the driver if they know where they’re goin and when I told them I lived there they were much more at ease ha.  We even started talkin a bit about the town because the guy was pissed that BOTH of his cars parked by his house had their tires slashed (for no real reason) and it’s a shame that it’s not the same neighborhood.  This isn’t 100% true in my opinion but I blame it on kids not knowing how to act anymore.  Rosedale used to be a predominately white neighborhood but it’s primarily a Caribbean-American one now but they’ve been there for 40+ years right by good ol’ PS 38.  I went to St. Clare’s for elementary school until I left in 6th grade ha.  In case you’re wondering how much a fare from JFK to my hometown is..it’s around $15-$18 before tip.

2) Shoutout to the Grade A Jackass Charlie Rose (google it) who gets in my cab around Central Park South and had me go to 82nd street between Park & Lexington.  He tells me to turn the radio off (which I originally understood..even though it pissed me off because I was listenin to the Mets game and only had my speakers on)…and then I took Madison Ave up (which is quicker than taking Park up because of the synchronization of the lights on Madison).  When I get to Park he decides to get out at the red..pay with credit card and leave me absolutely nothing.  Really?  If you’re gonna leave me nothin at least pay in cash..now the Verifone’s gonna take 35 cents out of me SMFH.  He was slick about it too; gettin the hell outta dodge before the tip showed up on the meter otherwise I was about to get hella slick on him. Knock his fuckin toupee off.

3) Shoutouts to the older Phillies fans who got in my cab after they got their asses kicked by the Yankees.  Yes I’m a Mets fan who doesn’t particularly like the Yankees..but they’re clearly the lesser of two evils and they have my respect now.  It took a lot of restraint from me to not mention anything because yes the Phillies have been more successful than my squad for the past couple of years so I have nothing to brag about and of course..they’re paying customers ha.  But I have a ton more respect for older fans of any sport because they’re much less obnoxious & more unbiased than people my age.  Oh and thanks for the extra $2.25 in quarters, nickles & dimes that you wanted “to get rid of” as tip ha.

4) Shoutout to the dude who reminded me my meter hadn’t been turned on after I went four blocks ha.  I have a tendency to do this.  “You must have been distracted by the blowout going on.”  I probably was ha.  The Lakers were up by 20 in the 2nd quarter.  Truth be told though sometimes when I set my GPS up I tend to forget the meter because I naturally believe that I started it up.  A mistake like that on a Tuesday is okay because not that many people are looking for cabs but on a weekend forget it, you might get ambushed.

5) Shoutout to the Spanish dude who took me into Queens at around 1:30am and had no qualms about the detour I was forced to take because his exit off the LIE was closed.  I bet most people would have been flustered.  I love detours though ha because it means more money flowing into my pocket.  I think me allowing him to smoke a cigarette (albeit he had to blow the smoke outside because I DESPISE its smell) had a lot to do with it.  In reality I shouldn’t let anyone smoke in the cab but if it means a better tip, I’ll make the sacrifice.  Besides, I have air fresheners & a spray.

6) Shoutout to the people on Twitter who everytime I type on the search “cab driver” or “NYC Taxi” basically say the same shit.  “The cabbie is trying to kill meeeeee.”  I can’t wait for the day someone tweets about my cab ride and then I “RT” it, it’s gonna be pure comedy and yall will be the first to know about it.  The ratio of people bitchin vs. people lovin their ride is about 8 to 1.  But hey, if you’re gonna be like person #2 then you deserve a cab driver that drives insane.  And I’ve already broke down to yall a while back why cabbies drive the way they do.  If not, peep this & take notes, suckas.

Sidenote: LMFAO at yall clowns over at the Seaport yesterday actin niggerish throwin chairs & shit waiting on an extremely overhyped rapper to perform (Drake).  And so on.


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