DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 6/20/10).

Usually on a Sunday it’s the calm after the storm in regards to people.  While this Sunday was no exception- people seemed to be more talkative.  Somehow.

I picked up a passenger around 6th avenue and 20th street heading over to 51st street and Broadway..which I didn’t expect because he had let a couple of other empty cabs pass him by before deciding to hail for mine.  He talked to me about the weather (as usual) and how downright brutal it was.  It was confusing weather though because he said in Brooklyn the skies darkened/looked menacing but it never did rain (unlike in the Bronx)..but where I was at in Queens it stayed sunny the entire time ha.  I later found out back in the day he used to be a cab driver many years ago (I’d venture to say in the 70s or 80s) and told me about how he got robbed one night at gunpoint.  Even though he had the partiton closed, the guy acted as if he was gonna give him money through the front window. The driver then rolled his window all the way down (the nativity of being 19 he said) and that’s when he pointed the gun to his head, asked him for everything he had (only $30 though) and demanded him to drive off.  Talk about God being on your side; people these days are 10x more reckless.

I headed to LaGuardia Airport and picked up this sassy Australian lady who was nothin but smiles heading back into the city.  She told me that she had just came back from Colorado from the weekend…but it’s something she does basically every weekend.  What on earth?? I wondered if it was for work..but she told me no- that it was for her to go see her kids that still lived out there.  Colorado is extremely random to me ha- I told her that doesn’t sound awful, even though that’s a ton of money you’re shelling out by week.  She HAS to be a frequent flyer for some airline..dontcha think?  But anyhow- the Western Australian native told me the story of how she moved to the US 15 years ago but has only been in this city for the past year and a half.  She WAS married for 16 years but ultimately cut it off with her husband because she felt that he became less appreciative about shit & his family began intervening too much.  In code, he was losing his manhood.  She told me to never get married lmfao since she’s done it and that she’ll never get married again.  Eligible cougar bachelorette for life is the only thing I was thinkin.  She even says dating sucks and makes her want to turn into a lesbian (with that chuckle you hear from em).  I told her with that kinda attitude soon everyone is gonna be gay and everybody needs to simplify themselves.  The inner hornball in me was about to ask her on a fun date but I just couldn’t get myself to do it ha.  She had to be a good 15-20 years older than me…though she really looked 37.

I picked up this chick carrying some luggage over on Lexington and 51st street whom I almost didn’t see because she was hella tucked in the corner.  She was flabbergasted that no one would stop for her because taxis thought she was going to the airport.  “I promise I promise I’m not going there I just want to go home.”  I told her straight up that I could care less because it’s a Sunday night and actually going to the airport would be MORE of an advantage since the streets aren’t even that great on Sundays.  She was afraid that I was gonna yell at her ha.  That’s one of the many stigmas good cabbies have to fight against the common people.

Heading towards the West Side  & 7th avenue at 57th street I saw a brotha hailing a cab to no avail..so even though it’s illegal in Manhattan to make U-Turns, I had to make one for him.  He was goin into Astoria passing through the QUEENSBRIDGE PROJECTS SHOUTOUT TO RON ARTEST!! but that wasn’t the point ha.  He asked me if $20 was gonna be enough to get him to 18th street and 25th avenue and I told him it would easily do so. “Keep it real wit me bc I’m bein real wit you” was what he said. “Them Indian mothafuckas start buggin out on me when I tell em that I only have $20 and need to get somewhere..they go “ok no problem” but then when I get to the spot they on some other shit if it’s $22 or $23 they start gettin pissy.” We mocked the whole “my friend” shit they always say. Muh fucka you ain’t my friend nor are you tryin to be ahahah.  He doesn’t understand why they try to treat Americans like second-class citizens yet they move here and all they do is bitch about the predicaments they’re in.  Yes, driving a cab sucks in some aspects but it’s a fuckin job. Ask 10% of Americans right now if they’d want to drive a cab because they’re broke.  I mean, as black folk who have lived here our entire lives, we have the right to bitch..but not you. Go back home if that’s how you’re gonna act.

Our convo got a bit deeper when I pulled the “why do they tell us to get over slavery but never tell Jews to get over the Holocaust” card..and he firmly believes in the “it is what it is” factor.  Everyone at some point has been enslaved and has found ways to overcome that..and it’s a chain of events.  He believed that life is flawless (nature in its purest form) but we as humans have disrupted this flow.  I found that to be interesting.  Then he pulls the “everything happens for a reason” cause in regards to people’s actions.  “There has to be some kind of reason people are rapists or gangbangers..that’s probably what their reason for being on this Earth is..because I could never picture myself being any of that.”  That got me thinkin because what makes people unique is what they use their brains for and how they are wired.  If everyone’s brains were wired the same way, you wouldn’t have these psychos or these all-world philanthropists, etc.  But this ain’t sociology, this is Taxi Cab Chronicles so lemme stop ha.

And so on.


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