DK’s Brain- Why Having Your Own Cab Can Suck.

While the advantages of having your own medallion far outweigh not having one; the problems when you do encounter them on your own cab are magnified.  Attention to your own cab is much more palpable, as even the most minute problems need to be addressed ASAP before they snowball.  I haven’t been able to drive for the past couple of days due to my compressor being broken, as well as a radiator leak.  With this recent summer heat- it HAD to be addressed and quickly…it had been blowing nothing but hot air for the past couple of weeks & customers WILL demand the air conditioner.  It’s not so bad when the sun goes down but even so, when people get drunk they get hot too ha.  Plus, a radiator leak ain’t cool.  It can affect the transmission and once that happens, it’s God bless & Goodnight so I have to take the L for a couple of days.  It doesn’t help when your partner who also drives the cab with you notices the problems himself..but just wants to put a band-aid on it..and is now down in Atlantic City gambling his life away.  That’s neither here nor there, though.

Also, every five years you have to get a new car.  The list of approved cars can be found here. It has to be brand new and then painted yellow with all the taxi amenities, etc…which when the dust settles can cost around $35-$50K depending on the vehicle.

And so on.


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