DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (Jekyll & Hyde).

Friday night had a strange feel to it overall because there weren’t as many cabs out there as it seemed to be.  A lot of people were waiting for cabs for a good 15-20 minutes.  That’s good for me though because that means more money.  This couple that got in though were on some strange shit:

I was around the Meatpacking District heading east on Horatio Street where I spot these 2 girls put their arms up in the air hailing for a cab.  All well & good but then suddenly this other chick cuts them off claimin she had been waiting for a cab first and make the other 2 chicks back off.  All in the while, I’m tryin to ask her if she wants me to turn or go straight.  She hops in with her boyfriend and I’m laughin my ass off at that display of feminine bitchality.  Yeah I made that up.  The couple are gonna make their way over to Broadway & Park Row and the boyfriend tells her that it wasn’t that serious doing all of that.  She tells him she doesn’t give a fuck whether or not they saw the cab first because she had been there first.  I’m dying.  “It’s common courtesy” she says.

My thoughts on this is simple: I could give a fuck less as the driver because yall squabbling over me isn’t my problem.  In fact it’s pretty flattering; wish I could say the same about my datin game but that’s neither here nor there.  I’m gonna C money from either A or B so yall can play musical chairs, whoever gets in gets in but yall really should have common courtesy.  If I see a chick hailing a cab tryin to get home and say 2-3 dudes try to get in front of her…while I take that as being drunk/obnoxious and can let that slide; that still ain’t being a gentleman.

Since they were in the West Village, my brain was wired to go one of two ways.  Even though the entire time I was thinking of taking Greenwich Ave down to 8th street; cutting across & hitting Broadway…I also sort of thought of taking 7th Avenue South down also (which turns into Varick Street & then West Broadway) but by the time that thought took shape I had already passed it.  Reason why I should have done the latter is because it would have been a bit shorter and I wouldn’t have had to cut through two streets (rather than just one)..hence 40 cents extra.  The dude suddenly becomes the one who gets mad.
“Why are you taking the long way?”
Me: I thought of takin 7th ave down but I forgot..honest mistake.
Him: Maybe I’ll forget to leave you a tip then.  You know you did that on purpose.
Me: Why would I want to take the long way on purpose when it wastes not only your time but mine?  It was unintentional.
Him: Yeah okay, I guess I’ll unintentionally leave no tip.
Girl: Oh just stop it.
Him: No, maybe this will teach him a lesson to not make this mistake again.  What are you gonna do, give him a tip?  Then he’ll keep doing the same thing…they have to learn the hard way.
DK’s Brain: Shut the fuck up we’re on Broadway right now.
Girl: He made an honest mistake…
Him: NO! He did it on purpose he knew he should have went down 7th but he said that he had forgotten.  That’s his fault, he’s not doing his job right.
DK’s Brain: Uhh, cab drivers just like every other person in their respective professions makes a minor mistake once in a while.
Him: How long you’ve been driving for?
Me: 4 months.
Him (to Her): See, he’s a novice.  That’s why you have to teach him a lesson & not tip him.
Me: You know, if it’s that serious you ain’t gotta tip me..I really don’t care..
DK’s Brain: I will slap the white outta you & give you reverse Michael Jackson.

They kept arguing over this slight mistake that I did.  She thought I wasn’t trying to do it on purpose & that he shouldn’t take it so seriously (which she was 100% right about) while he thought that I was just another cabbie trying to rip someone off.  Really guy?  Over forty cents?  If I REALLY wanted to take the longer way I would have done it & done so deliberately but why would I want to?  It takes away from tips so it defeats the purpose (no pun intended).

I drop em off, she pays me $13 (it was $11.10) and I turn around to explain to them what had happened in a calm voice:
Me: Look, when I went across Greenwich I had thought about turning 7th and I should have because it merges & it would have made your trip a bit less expensive but I honestly had a brain freeze so by the time I realized it, it was too late for me to turn around.  Honest mistake & I apologize.
Him: Hey, it’s okay you got us home safely & that’s all that matters.  Thank you for your honesty.

Oh the irony.  DK-1 Me having a Nigga Moment- 0 (FINAL).  And so on.


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