DK’s Brain- NYC Taxi Protection Act.

It’s been a very uneventful past couple of shifts, with the majority of my trips being from airports & with lames.  I had to school some tourists from Austrailia that the Meatpacking District is NOT a place to go if you’re trying to get trashed…unless you have the $$$$ to get white boy wasted for $95.  They wanted to find an Irish Pub there ha.  With that said…

On Friday, June 25th at about 4:30pm, in a unanimous vote—60 Yes, 0 No—the NYS Senate passed the Taxi Driver Protection Act sponsored by Senator Eric Adams. The Assembly passed the same bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Rory Lancman, on Tuesday, June 22nd in a vote of 141 to 1. The Taxi Driver Protection Act increases the penalties on assaults against taxicab, black car, and livery drivers and requires a sticker in every taxicab: “WARNING: Assaulting A Taxi Driver Is Punishable By Up To Twenty-Five Years In Prison.” On misdemeanor assaults which carry maximum one year prison, the penalty will increase to a mandatory two year prison term if the victim is a driver. On felony assaults, there will be a penalty enhancement of five additional years to the term if the victim is a driver. The bill now goes to the Governor for signing. Within ten days, the bill will become law.

In other words, by the July 4th weekend this law will officially go into effect.  What it means for you?  You can talk tough..but unless you wanna be in the pen sharing showers (copyright- Lil Wayne) you can’t do tough things..except tweet about how you had a dream that you fucked up the cab driver if he (or she- yes there are about 150 female cabbies in the city) was gettin you mad.  What it means for me?  It gives me an extra layer of protection since by law a cab driver cannot carry any weapons (bats, knives, etc) in the cab even if used as self-defense.  This law is especially good for the livery/gypsy cab drivers though because they’re the ones who do the most traveling in the more dangerous neighborhoods of the city; not to mention they don’t have the partition yellow cabs have.  One of the riskiest jobs in the nation just got a bit safer and now we’re on the level of protection comparable to that of MTA bus drivers/conductors.  I’m surprised it took this long for this to even be considered a law but hey, the timing couldn’t be better considering we’re now in summertime..where skirts are short but tempers are shorter.

And so on.


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