DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (Music Edition).

After hearing about the loss of my aunt that morning (I literally was awoken out of bed to hear it)…I still went to work albeit I started three hours later than usual.  Needless to say I wasn’t all that focused on even wanting to start up conversations with people.  I didn’t even realize until I got out of my cab to fill up my gas tank that some schmuck threw up on it.  I’ll give yall credit for not throwing up IN it..but Lord have mercy.

Anyhow, since I always have either the radio on or a CD in the cab- I was playing Cam’ron & Vado’s Boss of All Bosses 2.5 Mixtape that I purchased the other night.  I’ve been a Dipset/Cam’ron fan since around 2002 and even though people like to say Cam’s rap style is garbage, I for one think that it’s hysterical.  He may sound lazy and it may sound like nursery rhymes…but if you listen more closely he actually makes sense.  Certainly more sense than Lil Wayne (who by the way stole Juelz Santana’s rap flow).  Speaking of Juelz- he has fallen off HARD and is one of the rappers I am most disappointed with but I will digress for a moment.

Vado is an up & coming rapper who has taken off under Cam’s tuelage.  A lot of people talk about J. Cole, Jay Electronica, B.O.B and rightfully so as some of the guys carrying the torch for the future…but Vado is the most slept on.  His flow unlike with members of Dipset back in the day truly distinguishes him from Cam, as he is more gruff with his flow than Cam’s laid-back & cocky flow.  Boss of All Bosses 2.5 is a pretty good mixtape with hysterical songs such as “Amberlamps”…but tracks such as “I’m Sorry” just get completely ignored by me.  It gets a B from me.

This kid gets in the cab and Papoose is on the radio..which surprises him because he hadn’t heard from him in about a year or two.  He tells me how surprised he is that Papoose hasn’t blown up..and I am too because when I first heard from him around 2005 or 2006 I figured he was gonna be a lock to be the next big thing.  However, you can just tell that Pap is a mixtape artist and if he were to come out with an actual LP..that it would be a disappointment (a la Cassidy..but even he came out with a few mainstream hits).  Papoose is the only dude I know that can rhyme over a James Brown sample…but probably would only sound OK on an original beat.  He acknowledges this..saying in 2008 that he’d continue only making mixtapes since he’s not ready for a debut album (which was to be released in 2007 but never did).

The discussion then goes on to how does someone like him never blow up..but someone like Drake does?  Don’t get me wrong, I respect Drake’s hustle and he’s actually pretty decent.  But of course when you decide that you’re gonna sell your soul for millions that’s when you’re gonna blow up big.  Lil Wayne goin to jail was the best thing that could have happened to Drake- as he is carrying the Young Money torch right now.  Ultimately it’s up to the artist as to whether or not they’re gonna become A&R’s bitch & work on shit they’re not comfortable with…or if they are comfortable doing this.  Artform vs. Sales is what it’s really boiled down to.  Then you have someone sort of in the middle- such as a Jadakiss- who has come out with mainstream hits but since he stays true to his gangsta rap roots; doesn’t have as big of a following as a Jay-Z for instance.

And people, for the love of God…50 Cent’s first album was Power of the Dollar and NOT Get Rich or Die Tryin’.  Power of the Dollar was NOT a mixtape.  And so on.


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