DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 7/2/10).

JFK was on some ridiculous shit yesterday.  The Central Taxi Hold was at maximum capacity…so I was stuck at the airport for two hours- not being able to leave and pick up my first passengers of the day until 815pm.  I got real fortunate that my passengers were going to Manhattan..but they were making two stops.  When that occurs- you first give the basic $45 (plus toll) flat rate into the city and after the first person is dropped off, you restart the meter and do the basic Rate 1.  One of the girls said she only had $40 cash on her.  Really?? Talkin about it wouldn’t let her take more than that or she forgot to take out more…some retarded shit.  Thank goodness her & her friend “split” the cab or else that could have been a disaster.  She can’t get over how beautiful the skyline looked last night with the sunset (and it def was..it’s rare in July for it to be that dry humidity-wise) and I agreed..but let it go sheesh ha.  For someone goin to the Harvard Club, her $3 tip on a $57 (when you combine both trips) proves that she wasn’t too good in economics nor math.

Lesson learned: take the first uptown block that you see if you can.  I tried cutting across 44th street starting at 9th avenue and to take it all the way to Madison (since I had a couple going to 86th street & Park avenue) but with Times Square looming..BAD IDEA.  I got chastised for it..but in a sense it’s a tit for tat.  Park Avenue is the home of the cheapskates so by waiting in traffic for two minutes, the meter ticked twice (80 extra cents than expected) and since he only tipped me $1.30  on what was a $11.70 ride; I felt like I did what I needed to do ha.  I don’t like making mistakes like that but when I smell cheapskates, maybe I bend the rules a bit.

Asian Kid running around: (catching breath) Can you (catches breath) turn the AC on?
DK’s Brain: Are you (catches breath) out your (hiccups) fuckin mind?

I picked up this petite chick on 9th ave & 19th street who wanted to go all the way to 125th and Broadway via the West Side Highway (which gets clogged on weekends between 34th-46th streets..oh well more $ for me).  I didn’t think it’d be anything..just a ride to take me out of my way & for me to deal with the torturous ride back down without passengers.  And then when I get to the 125th street exit she tells me to turn back around & head back downtown to the West Village.  Score.  Then she engages in a conversation with me asking how my night’s been.  I tell her that to this point it’s going okay but these past couple of days have moved at about two miles per hour.  She asks me why and to be honest I don’t know why I’m telling a total stranger this but I tell her about how my aunt passed away on Thursday morning and how I’ve been handling it up to this point (in which I’m fine now..but what bothers me most is the 9 day gap between her death & the funeral).  She gives me her condolences & I go on to say the reason why I’m still working, etc is because my aunt was a person who even though she would be in & out of the hospital that she’d never want any spotlight on her and for us to keep pressing forward; being successful along the way.  Morbid conversations on a Friday night eh?  Ultimately though we move on to lighter shit- such as our love for the state of Connecticut because how chill it is & how most people’s opinions actually do mean shit..but you’re not obligated to agree with them.  People try so hard to convince you that they’re right that it borders on being a bitch.

If you’re in your 40s…what in GOD’S NAME are you doing still partying at Webster Hall?? I’m not a fan of the club scene really- I grew out of it when I was 22 or so but don’t get that twisted with me being a “homebody” as this lady who took me to the South Bronx tells me.  I just fuck with the bars & lounges; not gonna sweat my ass off and buy extremely overpriced drinks.  Hell, most chicks at the club won’t let you go within 5 feet of em so why should I bother unless I’m with a group of people already?  Anyway, she tells me that she’s originally from the Bronx but moved to Florida 15 years or so ago.  Her reason?  “The weather.”  Great. Reason.  She goes on to tell me how she regrets every second of it because the people are backwards, the job climate/economy there is a joke, and she misses the pace/myriad of options there are in NYC.  By the way, the only reason she even got in my cab was because the dude she was with reluctantly gave her money to take one..otherwise she’d be on the subway at 230 in the morning by herself headin to “The Hub” ha.  Fuck that shit.

And so on.


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