DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (Sports Edition).

Sorry for my hiatus; a combination of apathy & having a lot on my mind this past week has caused me to slack on my chronicles.  Yall haven’t missed too much really over the past few shifts.  You got your chicks who don’t tip at all on a $18.30 fare and then have the gall to ask me where to find some place to eat; you got your folks who totally love the fact you’re NY-bred and you have your folks who think an iFart app on an iPhone is the greatest invention known to man (and you’re 27 years old).  More on those in a later entry sometime.

Everyone and their mother had been captivated by the LeBron Decision.  What team is he gonna play for?  Blah blah blah.  People asked my opinion and while I knew for a fact he wasn’t returning to Cleveland, I really did think he would come to the Knicks and try to make a name for himself here.  When he chose the Heat however (and I was listening to it on ESPN Radio); I kind of just shook my head and raised an eyebrow.  I found it hard to believe that he would choose one of our arch-rivals and play on a supposed “Dream Team” with Wade and Bosh.  This led to quite a few questions.

Q: Do you think they’ll win a championship in the next 5 years?
A: Barring injuries, they SHOULD…but Miami will have their fair share of issues.  Who do you go to come clutch-time?  Can their other players step up and answer the bell?  How can three egos co-exist on one team?  You look at their starting five and it’s their Big 3, Mario Chalmers and Joel Anthony.  Then they’re gonna depend on three 2nd round picks to produce off the bench and then nobody knows.  A lock for the playoffs for the next five years; but teams like Orlando and Boston can exploit weaknesses that Miami DOES have.  Both teams bounced LeBron’s Cavs out of the playoffs the past couple of seasons; Orlando bounced Bosh’s Raptors out in 09 and Boston bounced Wade’s Heat this past year.

Q: What’s LeBron’s legacy now?
A: I don’t knock him on helping to form this so-called “Super Team” if he really wants to win a championship; but his perception league-wide certainly has changed.  Making this move, he basically told everyone that he was tired of doing it by his lonesome and needed two other superstars to assist him in his quest.  I actually hold Dwayne Wade to a higher light because he has won a championship already and basically carried the Heat in 2006 to that title.  Sidenote: does anyone knock Wade’s title because Shaq was on his team?   No, yet they do for 3 of Kobe’s rings??  Hmm.  Anyway, LeBron is comfortable enough to not be “The Man” for now…but how long will he be able to carry that act?  He had an hour to essentially brand himself but instead opted to be a second fiddle.  If he wins a title that’s all fine and good but I think he’s permanently damaged his “brand”.  Miami is still Wade’s team, whether you like it or not.

Q: Why was Kobe successful whereas LeBron wasn’t with Cleveland?
A: What separates the two is simpler than what most people think: The will to win.  Jordan had this.  Kobe had this.  LeBron didn’t.  You even look at the 2008 Dream Team and in the Gold Medal Game…who was the man to take over?  Not LeBron.  Not Wade.  Not Bosh.  It was Kobe.  Kobe will get in your face a la Jordan and DEMAND you to step your game up.  You can tell the Lakers play with that fear of Kobe lashing at them if they fuck up.  I rarely saw that out of LeBron while he was in Cleveland.  For those who believed Kobe had a better team around LeBron, in some aspects it’s true…but why did Cleveland have the NBA’s best record 2 years in a row?  Kobe did have Gasol, Artest & Odom but Gasol was developing in Memphis & was considered soft prior to LA; Artest was a nutcase and Odom was (and still is at times) a serial underachiever.  Give LeBron that team and I don’t know if he could lead them to a title.

Q: Why would he want to go to the Knicks?? They suck.
A: They’re not as bad as people think.  We just signed Amare (yes his knee could be an issue & defense has a lot to be desired but he can drop 25-10 consistently), Gallanari has blossomed into a threat, Wilson Chandler is under-the-radar, Raymond Felton was a solid addition to the squad, and hell…Eddy Curry any contribution from him would be a positive.  Throw in Bill Walker, Toney Douglas, Anthony Randolph (a tantalizing player from Golden State) and you’re looking at a team that can make the playoffs as early as this season (a 7 or 8 seed).  LeBron would have had a solid core to work with here, become an even bigger icon (making his brand explode) and the ilk.  Nevertheless, he took the easy road out.

Even women who would otherwise have zero interest in the NBA were asking me these type of questions.  They had been taking notes and how couldn’t they?  This whole LeBron Decision hype machine crossed over a wide variety of barriers.  And with that said, I am done.  And so on.


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