DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (A Random Conversation).

I’m going up 8th avenue because I just took somebody crosstown on 34th street and I decide that I’m gonna go up to 40th street then head back downtown via 7th avenue.  This guy is hailing a cab on the 7th ave side and this couple (I think they were Indian) were behind him so in actuality they had first dibs in getting my cab.  All I see though is him waving his arms around that he was first ha so the couple flocks away (they get a cab 10 seconds later).

“Phew man it’s hot out there! I’m going to Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights) my brain is fried this humidity man.  Oh, I forgot to say hi I’m so sorry.”
Me: No worries.  Yes it’s humid as hell out, I had the windows rolled down but the air is so still and uncomfortable.
Him: Still.  I like that word.
DK’s Brain: The more you know.

Somehow the conversation shifts from weather to people not fully appreciating how difficult it is to drive in NYC; much less a cab driver.  I always want to tell people “If you think you can handle this, then get behind the wheel your damn self and drop your ass home.”  I haven’t had the opportunity to say this yet though..and given how sensitive people are- it would probably mean I’d have to drop them off on the corner & hop out without payment.  Then somehow he begins talking about food.

Him: Man, McDonalds & Burger King are my shit.  I bet that’s all you eat on the job.
Me: Nah. I usually go to the deli and get either a Tuna Melt or a egg white/ham/cheese sandwich with a Blue Machine Naked Juice.
Him: BK is the devil.
Me: I don’t even eat Burger King, even though it looks juicier (“say no homo Granddad”) than McDonalds.  It’s too expensive to eat well here so that’s why occasionally I’ll slip up.

Then the conversation gets a bit boring and Funkmaster Flex is playing some old school Snoop Dogg.  You know what this entails-

Him: What happened to Snoop?  I mean he used to put out great shit like this; his Doggystyle album was amazing and his gangster rap…now he’s all soft.
Me: All commercialized shit.  You know the deal- if you want to appeal to a wider audience and sell more records you gotta “sell out” from the hood if you will.
Him: I mean I get that but it still sucks.  Look at Ice Cube and especially Ice-T are you kidding me with “Law and Order”?
Me: Perfect example.  How do you go from sayin Fuck The Police to askin people “Are We There Yet?”  Ice-T…ehh I don’t think he’s fully sold out- he still got his gangsta image to a degree.
(a little bit later)
Him: You think 2Pac & Biggie were killed off?
Me: Sure.  I mean with 2Pac it’s pretty obvious.  He realized what was going on and exploited a lot of dudes.  Biggie was killed off because he was no longer interested in the drama.  You should research about the Illuminati and formulate your own opinion of it.
Him: You really believe in that stuff?
Me: While some of it does sound hella far-fetched; there’s a good amount of it that makes sense so yes.  However, I’m not one that believes for example that the world’s gonna end in 2012.  For music there’s a lot of shit on Youtube and VigilantCitizen.com; InfoWars.com is pretty good too if you wanna check that stuff out.
Him: Hmm.

I later asked him if he follows NBA because I was gonna get his thoughts on the whole LeBron scenario but he told me that he doesn’t even watch sports anymore because he can’t wrap his finger around the amount of money the players make.  It pisses him off to see how the aesthetic of the game is no longer there- particularly in NBA and MLB because of the exorbitant amount of cash that’s thrown around not only to the players, but to longer playoff series and the ilk.  He was an NBA fan back in the 90s but what did it for him were players such as Allen Iverson turning it more into a spectacle rather than a game.  He even was a Yankees fan (so you’d think he’d be proud of all the money Steinbrenner spent to make his team better) but he thought it was OD.   Welcome to the 21st century my friend; it’s all about the power of the dollar.

And so on.


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