DK’s Brain- JFK Airport Terminals.

I always go to the JFK Central Taxi Hold to begin my shift since I live 10 minutes from the airport.  All cabbies who are looking to pick up an airport fare must stop there first, wait on a queue (which is usually about an hour wait but can be longer or shorter pending on the day), get a ticket and then wait on that taxi queue.  The advantage to having a 5-seater minivan comes into play for a couple of reasons:
1) At certain times, the dispatchers will make a request needing a 5-seater so you can skip the line.  However, you have to have your van parked in the front of the line that you’re on.
2) When a passenger has a TON of luggage you’ll get that one. All. The. Time.  Which can suck though especially if they’re movin their lives into your van.  Hella tedious.

Terminal 1: Mainly international flights from Air France, Luftansa, Japan Airlines, AeroMexico, Alitalia and others.  Personally I hate this terminal because you have some ofthe worst tippers basically bunched together (French, Germans, Italians) even though 95% of the time you’ll get a trip into Manhattan.

Terminal 2: Delta’s Business Class/First Class as well as London, San Francisco & LA flights.  I tend to have fairly bad luck with this terminal also because 75% of the time I’ll be stuck with a “short haul” ticket (a trip to Queens or Brooklyn).  They tip well for the most part though.

Terminal 3: Delta (International & Domestic). There’s actually two taxi stands (3 and 3D).  3 you have to go underground and is extremely annoying.  It is easily my least favorite terminal because you get the clueless international arrivals.  I also never know where I’m gonna go and often times I find myself waiting for a passenger for damn near 15-20 minutes.  They tip the worst as well.

Terminal 4: The International Arrivals.  Unless otherwise noted, this terminal has essentially every other airline that arrives from outside of the US.  A huge terminal; most of the time I do get Manhattan trips so it’s all gravy.  The people tip okay..can’t complain about it.

Terminal 5: Jetblue.  My second favorite terminal because not only is it well-designed, but also the passengers that I usually get from this terminal are domestic travelers..so they understand the deal tip-wise.  Although lately I’ve been getting quite a few “short hauls” from here.

Terminal 7: British Airways/United/Qantas and a couple others.  My favorite terminal of the bunch because you’re all but guaranteed a trip to Manhattan.  Good tippers also.

Terminal 8: American Airlines & friends.  My 3rd favorite terminal.. the easiest & quickest terminal to enter/exit out of.  A bit unpredictable in regards to where you’ll head & often times Spanish-speaking drivers are forced to head to this terminal due to the influx of flights coming from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.

And so on.


1 Response to “DK’s Brain- JFK Airport Terminals.”

  1. 1 meera leela
    July 21, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    thx for the luv for t8!!! AA in da house!!!

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