DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (Run-in With The Police).

On a day in which I wasn’t even gonna work…I decided that I was gonna work for a few hours to make some quick bucks and call it a day.  It almost turned out to be a disaster for the ages, though.

I’m driving on the JFK Expressway heading into the Central Taxi Hold to begin my shift.  Yeah, I drive on that bitch pretty fast to try and get around some of the slow fucks that I encounter.  As I’m closing in on the ramp there’s this car that’s drivin relatively slow on it so I’m attempting to slow down myself and it slows down even further.  In essence for this five seconds I’m tailgating him but this isn’t deliberate.  When we both get to the exit, he tells me to go in front of him.  I then notice “Ahh shit, it’s an unmarked police car.” I hesitate initially but then I give him the thank you hand signal.

He puts his sirens on and tells me to pull over.  You have got to be fuckin kiddin me.

“Explain to me why you were drivin like that behind me?  What’s the rush for? What’s the rush for?  I should write you up for 5 summonses right now.”
Umm, first off what the fuck would you write 5 summonses on me for?  Aggressive driving and tailgating I could see.  But then what?  Driving while black? Because I drive a taxi & I just wanna make your life even more miserable.  And what would be #5?  Shut the fuck up.  Man…I was trying so hard to bite my tongue.
“Whaddaya got to say??”
Bitchmade, if you STOP talkin for one second and actually give me a chance to speak…I told him that I apologize and all I was doing was gettin ready to begin my shift.
“I could make you lose your job if I wanted to..you don’t drive like that on MY highways.”
Last time I checked, it was the JFK Expressway not Officer Donut-Shaped Dimwit Expressway.  And of course you’d try to..everyone knows cops are out to get cab drivers.
“Next time I catch you doing that I will arrest you.”
Uhh, yeah okay.  I bet no one has ever been arrested for tailgating unless they failed the breathalizer test.  Thank god he was pretty far from me because he most def was spewing shit & I didn’t wanna smell it.  I told him there won’t be a next time because this will be the first & only time we’ll ever see each other.
“You didn’t even thank me for allowing you to get in front of me”
I actually did, but I’m sure the lard in your neck didn’t even allow you to see you jackass.

He gets back in his car & I drive off.  Thank goodness.  But that’s yet another reason to hate cops.  See; I respect the job that they do and it’s as dangerous if not more dangerous than driving a yellow cab/gypsy cab.  But when they try to go overboard with their power just because they have a badge..that’s when I lose the respect.  You could have been calmer with your explanation…not barkin at me tryna threaten me with summonses & getting my TLC license revoked.  Go play in the mud, pig.  Cops like that are reasons why quite a few people have little sympathy for them when something bad occurs to them.  Myself included.  There’s no sense in talking back to a cop because they can write you a disorderly conduct summons for being slick with them.  That’s why you shut the fuck up, check your pride at the door for a few moments and just act like a bitch to them to make them feel better about their pathetic selves.

And so on.


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