DK’s Brain- Random Did You Knows.

#1- The only times a cab driver is legally allowed to refuse passengers are if:
a) The cab driver has their off-duty lights on.
b) If the passenger wants to go to Westchester, Nassau or Newark Airport and the cabbie has been working for 8 or more hours.
c) If the passenger is going anywhere outside of the 5 boros or the places mentioned above.
d) If neither you nor the passenger know exactly how to get to a location.

#2- Top 4 easiest places overall to catch a cab in NYC (as of April 2010 in order): Penn Station, Columbus Circle, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Grand Central Terminal.

#3- Easiest places to catch cabs late-night Fridays & Saturdays: Meatpacking District, 10th ave & 15th street, 10th ave & 27th street (Marquee), 11th ave & 27th street, Bowery btw 3rd-4th streets, 3rd avenue btw 11-13th streets, 2nd avenue btw 2nd & Houston streets, Ludlow & Rivington Streets.

#4- If a passenger requests AC and/or the radio to be turned on or off and the driver doesn’t comply- if the passenger reports you you’ll get a $25 fine.

#5- Arguably the harshest penalty a cab driver can receive is if he offers a taxi dispatcher money to get a passenger going to a certain location.  If caught, the cabbie gets fined $10,000 AND has his license revoked.

#6- Some sample out-of-town rates from Manhattan (doesn’t include toll and are negotiable- but these are the rates via the NY Taxi Chauffer & Tourist Guide rate book):
a) Hoboken- $32
b) Newark (anywhere other than the airport)- $64
c) Jersey City- $44
d) Alpine- $68
e) Atlantic City- $480
f) Mineola- $92 (is metered though so depends where in Manhattan you are)
g) Greenwich, CT- $132
h) Foxwoods Casino- $540
i) Hampton Bays- $344

That’s all you’ll get for now.  I’m sure I’ll give yall some more random facts later.  And so on.


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