DK’s Brain (GPS I Love You).

As times change, so do the neighborhoods around New York City.  People are expanding out more than ever- which is great for the taxi business but is also a curse.  Before- you were only able to use a five borough map and be able to read it/guide you to where you need to be.  Quite frankly, it’s a hella tedious, distracting and dangerous task to take on- especially considering you have to deal with a lot of dumb fucks on the road on four wheels AND two wheels.  Sure, the passengers can help direct you to where you need to go also- but they’re supposed to be under the impression that you know where you’re going.  After all, we got tested on this shit and we’re driving the cabs; so it’s safe for them to assume this particularly if one is out-of-town.  This isn’t to say you should know every single bar/club/hotel in NYC because nobody does.  But a GPS makes life a HELL of a lot easier and pays itself back in a hurry.

Now to be fair, a GPS is far from perfect.  Sometimes you know a quicker way to get somewhere (or at least a way that you’re much more familiar taking) but it tells you its way.  For trips within Manhattan this isn’t a big deal for me because I mainly use the GPS as a guide.   When it really becomes useful though is those outer borough trips especially when the passenger(s) are drunk and/or tired and just tell you an intersection you have NO clue about.  Plug that bitch into the GPS and let em sleep.  The best example I can think of for how useful a GPS is is last Monday.  I picked up a passenger at the Delta terminal and he told me he needed to go to the Ritz Carlton in White Plains.  He had NO clue where it was; of course I had no idea (since really you’re not required to know anything outside of the five boros & Newark Airport) but fortunately, I was able to type “Ritz Carlton” on the GPS and voila.  That’s a $120 (after tip) fare that wouldn’t have happened had I not had a GPS and considering it only cost $107.54 after tax- it already paid for itself.

Very few cabs do this but also with a GPS you can possibly stay within a borough and pick up some extra fares that otherwise wouldn’t happen.  After dropping off a passenger in Williamsburg, I was getting set to hop back on the bridge into Manhattan but I had a couple hail me down wanting to go to Prospect Heights.  I woulda had no idea how to get there and would have had to shrug them off, but I plugged that bitch in and there’s an extra $11 (after tip) fare.  Then heading back to Manhattan…nope- pick up a group of 5 going to Bushwick.  Another $16 (after tip).

I wouldn’t say it’s an absolute necessity to have a GPS but I 99.9% recommend having one in your cab ha.  It definitely makes life a whole lot simpler not only for you but for your passenger.  And they’ll be impressed as well- given they figure most cabbies aren’t confident with where they’re going.  It saves the passenger time..but most importantly in the cabbie’s race against time- it saves yours.  And so on.


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