DK’s Brain- The 4am Cabbie Power Hour.

I strive to hit my money goals as early as possible and then hightail outta here and go home.  This is never a problem for me Sundays-Thursdays because the city has a tendency of slowing down drastically after a certain time.  On Sundays-Wednesdays we’re usually talking around midnight and Thursdays around 2am or so (for now- when school starts up again this should be a different story).  This past weekend however, I have stumbled upon a hella profitable yet risky way to make as much as $50 in an hour and that’s..the 4am crew.

4am is a transitional hour for most cab drivers- since in regards to their leases with the garages they fuck with their shifts are from either 4am-4pm or 4pm-4am.  What does this mean for the passenger?  Lots of waiting for a cab, at least 10-20 minutes worth.  The cabs that ARE available usually have their off-duty lights on and will only pick up who they feel is either going the direction they want or someone who doesn’t look too trashed.  Again, this is technically illegal to do but really…who’s gonna follow through on calling 311 to report a driver that doesn’t wanna pick them up when they themselves are drunk as fuck ha?  A cab driver doesn’t have to pick up a passenger if he/she looks hella inebriated and may either pass out or vomit in your cab.  And that can and will fuck up a shift BAD.

Also, give these people have taken full advantage of the club or the bar, you can bet Bernie Madoff’s money (circa 2005) that these clowns are gonna be in an undesirable mindset.  Rowdy, uncouth, or even possibly rude.  Don’t nobody want to deal with that buffoonery.  For example, Friday night I picked up these 3 dudes that needed to go to Harlem (148th and Convent) from Marquee.  Even though I was flying on 10th ave, the retarded obsession with the West Side Highway reared its head again so they asked twice hella hard.  They needed to calm down because I was gonna make the turn (reluctantly)…only for them 5 minutes later to tell me to speed up to some white car so they can look at some broad they had no chance with.  Think about it, you tryin to holla at a broad in a yellow cab.  Next.

The partition is your best friend for sure though, close that bad boy up especially if you see a group that wants a cab.  Driving a minivan of course I have the unenviable disposition of potentially bringing in a group of 5 or 6…where anything can happen.  This is an ultimate wild card hour, because nobody is too interested in public transportation or driving- you can end up with a sick fare such as a Tribeca-Middle Village one for $31.50 ($32 with tip because they knew no better tipwise).  Other cab drivers take the safe route and just park themselves at hotels waiting for people to take them to JFK or LGA.

The only cab drivers who potentially can take advantage of this 4am power hour Fridays & Saturdays are those who own their medallions or for those working a 24-hour shift.  This is hella few and far between.  The people who need cabs..not so much.  Advantage- me.  To an extent.  Prayer is my best medicine in these instances.

And so on.


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