DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (Weekend Recap).

I don’t really have much to say to be quite honest.  That’s partially the reason why I don’t recap EVERY trip anymore, because you don’t wanna sound too redundant as some of my colleagues have told me in the past.  This weekend though there were a couple of instances that grinded my gears and a couple that made me shake my head in disbelief.

In the infamous MPD on Friday night these cops caught this regular car drivin on some stupid shit so they stopped him- all while holdin up traffic.  In the process, this tall black chick gets in my cab and asks me to drop her off on 131st and 8th or some shit.  I don’t start up the meter because we haven’t moved so when they finally pull them over I start the meter up.  About 30 seconds into this, she mentions “Oh I have a change of plans can we stop here?”  Um, what okay..pay up.  “Can you not charge me, pleaseeeee? I didn’t even go a block.”  I let her (and these next broads I’ll mention in a second) off the hook but I sternly reminded them that in the future you will find cab drivers that demand payment because that $3.50 is something that comes out of my pocket for your negligence.  At the very least you should give me a dollar so I can cover the MTA tax.

These next broads damn near singlehandedly ruined my night.  They hail me down, get in and ask me to take them to 9th avenue and 12th street.  Keep in mind, that we already are on 9th avenue and Little West 12th.  West 12th is actually 4 blocks away but I had the oddest feeling that they were talkin about LW12.  I tell them that it’s right there and there’s no need for me to take them.  One of the girls insists that I do because they don’t know where it is.  With that, I start the meter.  Then she asks if I don’t charge them.  I’m pretty pissed off because I told them how close they are (and in fact, when the other girl said Tenjune I told them it was around the corner).  She asks again, and I sternly tell her what I told the other chick from yesterday.  They pull the bullshit “oh I’m sorry” which I ain’t havin any of and then a cop stops me.

They get out without paying and now I’m stuck dealing with this cop askin me for my rate card.  After about five minutes or so he returns and tells me my brakelights aren’t working.  He turned out to be correct but I mean, really??  This is what I’m being stopped for??  So he asks for my HACK license and DMV licenses & tells me to go off-duty.  He does tell me that it’s nothing serious..but if it’s nothing serious why do you have all my shit for?  “The owner of the cab would receive a $25/no points summons for this.  If you get three of these within a year then you ultimately will get a point on your DMV license..but since you are pretty new I’ll let you off.”  All of this while I’m sittin therre for another 10 minutes before a female cop tells me to pull over to the other side.  Realizing this is going nowhere, after pulling over I turn off my car to save gas/battery and just stand there perplexed.  This other driver comes to me asking what I got pulled over for and I tell him.  This kid apparently didn’t have either of his licenses with him so they were about to tow his cab ha.  What I found out is that sometimes if it’s a 24-hour shift, cabbies will let their friends who look hella similar to them drive part of a shift…with a huge risk (and that’s one of them).  After waiting almost 40 minutes I finally get my shit.  But now I also have to run to the garage and get these damn brakelights fixed (another 15 minutes) so pretty much an hour wasted on bullshit.  Good for nothin.

I decided to have some fun on Saturday so I posted this sign in the cab (a friend of mine made me a much better looking one recently).  It only lasted all of perhaps 10 cab rides before some chick took it off and then proceeded to take it with her.  Why?  NOBODY KNOWS.  All I remember hearing in the back was ruffling of paper and the tape being peeled off.  She thought she was slick- I knew she had taken the sign but I wasn’t gonna say anything because she tipped me well.  But why the fuck would she steal my sign?  This flummoxed me for about an hour because I worked 13% hard on this sign.

I was drivin down Houston Street and I see from about 2-3 blocks away this chick hailing a cab so after the lights all turn green- me being the only empty cab going west I figured I had this chick on lockdown.  For some reason however, as I’m about to pull up to the corner and pick her up- this other cab driver perpendicular to me honks his horn and the chick runs over to his cab!  Even though he’s stopped at a red light!  Damn it made me feel like I was at the bar again gettin cockblocked.  Or like that time in high school where I was tryin to holla at this chick but everywhere I turn around there was this kid who just stood there and would always pull her back.  Even though you knew he wasn’t about shit.  My God that chick was retarded.  I’m sure the dude felt great about himself but I personally couldn’t believe this for about 10 minutes.  Then I got a Brooklyn fare that was almost $24 and I got over it ha.

This isn’t England so why the fuck would you try to hail a cab from one of those “islands” that separates north from south on Broadway (like this black couple did).  “He’s gonna try and kill us.”  Uhh, no in fact I was trying to get as close as possible to yall (angled also) without my cab being the one gettin killed, but that’s cool.  You know how it is when people give you that chuckle shit.  Anyway, I drop them off closeby and my $5.50 fare is greeted with $5.95 total.  Are times that hard where you don’t have an extra nickel?  The dude tells me to drive safer and to not come close to killin anyone else…then says he’s fuckin with me.  Shut the fuck up no you’re not, “bruh”.

And so on.


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