DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 8/17/10).

Yesterday I left my house hella late (around 6:30pm) and paid for it at JFK because the capacity was at an unsightly 90% with very slow activity.  Usually there’s much less people at the airport but for some reason, everyone had the same mentality as I do- fuck the rush hour, stuffy, aggy work crowd.  Yes, that’s why I don’t leave my house at 4:15pm anymore fuck em cheap mothafuckas ha, especially goin back to their plush Park Avenue apartments.  My loyal readers know this, the beggars who are always shakin their cups at me know this, my passengers who still don’t understand how a sliding door operates know this.

I learned a few things yesterday from people.

1) This dude I picked up on the West Side and drove across town was listening to my radio and it somehow led to a conversation about how hard it has been for him to pick up on vernacular English (he called it Black English- which had me rollin) since he returned from France.  He had lived there for three years after being in NYC his whole life and never had he had a problem understanding slang.  Until now.  We agreed that words come and go so quickly that you better keep your ear to the streets.  A word becomes a phrase becomes a lifestyle (see- “swag”).  He tells me that he’s goin to meet up with a fox now and asks me if people still use that terminology.  HA what?? You sure you only spent 3 years in France and not 23?  The only time I’ve ever heard “Fox” being used is to either describe the channel, Foxy Brown or Jeff Foxworthy.

2) While stuck in traffic because they decided to block off 2nd avenue at 23rd street for construction, me and this chick begin discussin a myriad of things (primarily the whole education vs. salary/job security schlep).  “You’re better off working at Wal-Mart and going up the ranks there as opposed to goin to school and not having any guarantee of a job.”  Who’s to say I can disagree.  It’s always good on a resume or a topic of discussion especially in status-hungry NYC to brag about what school you went to (or go to) and your major I suppose…but after that, what else?  I’m in law school sounds awesome for sure, but in 3 years if you say “I graduated law school..but still looking” ehh..not so much.  People still judge.  I’ve pushed back taking my LSATs a few times because I feel shaky about what exactly having a law degree will do for me.  I’ve decided though to take it this coming February.  Also, we both wondered how the fuck those Psychic Reading places manage to stay open for YEARS, even though nobody goes into them ha.

3) “I only got $10 on me brotha.” I HATE when people tell you this when you almost reach your destination and they know it’s gonna go over that.  To be fair to the man, we got stuck in a little bit more traffic than we should have.  He was interesting though- works at the Empire State Building and has gotten to understand fairly well five different languages.  Who needs Rosetta Stone?  Speakin of which, I’d try to learn all that shit the Bengalis/Paki/Indians speak just to wonder how much shit they talk behind everybody’s backs ha.  Damn cobras.

And so on.


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