DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 10/8/10).

Alright so I’ve had writers block.  I did have a few people warn me that this would happen and indeed it did.  I got to a point where I just became hella calm and couldn’t hate on people in the same fashion that I was accustomed to.  Nor did anything that really happened to me jump out at me the same way it used to but alas.

This Asian broad is talkin with her friend about how horny she has felt in the past couple of weeks.  Yall women are so basic, yet complicated at the same time.  They’re def more horny than we are but are able to be hella selective with who gets to drill in the BPussy rig.  Talkin about how she wants to have it no-strings attached but not with just anyone random.  Yeah aight, in this city of 8 million people you need to realize you’re not in college anymore honey.  And this isn’t Sex and the City with 8 characters so KNOCK IT OFF.  You do know that my eyebrows were raised and I was listening intently.  Chances of her playing with her vibrator prior to bedtime= 99%.

Gay people are typically entertaining because they’re so fuckin overt.  I pick up a group of five at New Chelsea (aka Hell’s Kitchen) and one of them is literally jumping up and down because they found a van.  With your skills buddy you should join a trapeze troupe.  I have a couple of signs in my cab; one of which says in short to pick up your trash because my cab isn’t the Jersey Shore.  Then I nearly crash the cab when one of them asks “Can you pump up the volume up in this piece?!”  No Hot 97 this ride and it was gonna be a long one- since I had to head over to Park Slope- they wanted 103.5 KTU so hella dance music.  Back speakers exclusive.  Ultimately one of them gets on the phone with their brother (who I’m assuming is also gay) and as we’re passing through Chelsea via 9th avenue gets riled up because he knew a couple of people who got jumped near there by “these fucking nigger thugs.”  Ummmmmmm.  I turn around and say “hey hey hey” but he ignored me initially (he would later apologize).  Then we saw a black person hail for a cab around 24th and 9th “there goes one of those nigger thugs arrest him.”  The fuck ha?  Anyhow, it was his brother’s birthday and all I heard was “next year I’m gonna buy you a cake with a big penis on it.”  Gag.  He did later amend it and say “it’d be funnier if it was a penis with two breasts in the middle and it said ‘Breast Wishes’ ahahaha.”  I like the originality but the fuck?  Money talks. Alcohol talks. A $10 tip after all of that eradicates some of these memories from my memory bank.

And so on.


1 Response to “DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles (from 10/8/10).”

  1. October 14, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    …….nigger thug?
    See…you’re better than me because I would have let them out citing that I felt threatened or something along those lines.

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