DK’s Brain: Nicknames I Give To Some Parts of NYC (Part I).

Here goes nothing.  Also, if yall got any nicknames of your own for these or any other parts of the city, let me know and I’ll probably add them along.

1) Chelsea= Rainbow Road.  Pretty self-explanatory, their flags wave loud and proud in this area.  So do these people (well most of them).

2) Park Avenue (60th-96th streets)= Penny-Pinchers Paradise.  What can I say?  The worst overall tippers in the city make their home here; even though they have some of the most money.  Their sense of entitlement is disturbing.  York and East End Avenues are not much better but Park is so bad to me that unless I HAVE to drop someone off, I avoid it completely.

3) Upper East Side= Yuppie East Side.  Most people who I drop off here fit the mold (or had at one point or another).  They’re stuffy, young and put their noses up to the sky (Kanye voice).  They love their button-ups and polos to go to their Happy Hours at Southern Hospitality and the ilk.  They want to be seen, heard and if they’re young are the next generation of spoiled brats.

4) When I drop white people off in Harlem= Bill Clinton Harlem.  The epicenter of this is near the City College area, however the gentrification of Harlem has made the area safer overall.  Not like you’ll catch me trying to pick people up off of Lenox or ACP (7th ave) though, that’s Black Car territory.  Nevertheless, white people ain’t afraid of movin up and making their homes here and why not?  It’s not as expensive (though it’s getting there) as other parts of the city and the trains that go there are FAST.

5) Williamsburg= New Woodstock.  No treehuggers persay (unless they’re huggin these trees to preserve them for smokin later) but the hippies are in full force.  They got their bikes, they are skinny unlike yours truly, they do know how to party though; albeit it’s not my crowd, I have been at times intrigued to want to chill out there for a night or two.  New Woodstock got a chill vibe to it, as does Williamsburg West (the Lower East Side).  The vast majority of people I drop off here are good tippers also; and especially around Bedford Avenue it’s a good spot to pick up prospective passengers on the low also.

And so on.


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