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DK’s NYC Taxi Cab Chronicles- Use Your Brain.

Some people just don’t get it.  I pick up this lady on the corner of 7th avenue and 14th street and she wants to go to 52nd between the East River and 1st avenue.  No problem; it’s a Friday night so there is a fair share of traffic going across 14th til it becomes smooth sailing on 1st.  It was a nice fare, somewhere in the $10-$12 range but she asks me if I can wait a couple of minutes for her friend to come downstairs.  Fine no problem.  Or so I thought.

Her:  “I was invited to this party here but my ex-boyfriend is here with his new fiancee and I really don’t want to see him…but my friends are also here so I’m waiting for one of them to come down because I don’t wanna go in there alone.”

WTF are you, 12?  She called her friend to come downstairs but she didn’t/couldn’t pick up her phone.  Apparently this place is HELLA upscale and old school- no cell phone use is permitted in this club so no one can check their phones unless they step outside.  So essentially this chick was playin with fire.  I’m still waiting and that meter keeps runnin, and runnin, and runnin.  She calls another friend who had nothing to do with the party and now she’s whining to her about how her friend ditched her and if she didn’t call her to say to come to the party that she never would have gone, blah runaround bullshit.  This woman looks like she’s in her early 30s.  In the meantime, I’m standin outside of my cab and there are a few people that ask me if I’m free…which I’m not because I’m waiting for this dumb broad to make a move.  I think my car was idle for 30 minutes.  Literally.  I can’t turn it off because I’m afraid that if I do, the meter will also.  She looks around to see if her friend (or anyone she knew for that matter) was downstairs/outside but nope.  FINALLY, she simply tells me to turn back around to where I picked her up from.

The fare was approximately $35 with a $13 tip mixed in ($5 being in cash).  I asked her what the fuck was she thinking (minus the expletive) and she tried to say that her friend stood her up but she knew she was taking a risk.  But come on son, if you KNOW someone you have no desire of seeing is gonna be there then why even bother going?  You weren’t gung-ho about going to begin with; if you had every intention of being there regardless then that’s perfectly fine.  That’s why my pops always tells me “worst case scenario”; or in this case for my wallet, best case scenario.  Not really, because this whole ordeal literally took 59 minutes of my time but I can live. The smartest shit this dumb broad told me though was that partying in NYC can suck because it becomes more of a socialite issue rather than it just being fun.  But hey, you’re traveling to Midtown East to a stuffy ass private club where I’m sure you won’t see a single person with less than 6 figures.

Besides, my next passenger was some annoying as fuck gay dude that wanted me to drop him and this chick on Grove Street, even though when I was stopped at a red light on West 4th the chick was down to get out.  Lazy fuck didn’t wanna walk a half a block?  Fag.

And so on.