While I’ve Been Gone.

Most people who follow this blog understand that I’ve had to have the cab parked until further notice.  Anytime you’re making a change with the medallion (in this case transferring part of the ownership from my dad’s best friend to myself), it’s gonna have to take some time.  The long ass process includes checking my records and credit from the past twenty years to make sure that I will be able to keep up with the payments, loans et al.  It’s a ton of paperwork that has necessitated quite a few trips to the broker, many an email sent, fax sent- all making sure things were being done in a timely manner.  With all that out of the way now, myself and my dad are ready to sign the paperwork on Monday morning and without any hitches, the cab will be back in business January 27th.  Overall, about a seven-week hiatus from driving.

During this time off, hell yeah I’ve been bored.  My inconsistent workin out has gone on; but I’ve also been able for once to go out on weekends and feel like a regular 25 year old.  I’ll probably miss that part the most.  I got a chance to go on vacation to Chicago, which was a dope ass time for sure.  I didn’t miss driving, as I was beginning to get burned out and bored by the whole ordeal.  Quite frankly, it had started becoming a nuisance and I didn’t feel like dealin with anybody.  I know that same nervousness I had when I dropped off my first ever passenger is gonna rear its head again when I make that airport trip.  It’s been a while since I hit the streets.  But I’ma be back and with a vengeance.

What were your favorite Taxi Cab Chronicles of Season One?  Sound off.


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