DK’s Brain- Passenger Refusals

As you can tell, it’s been a relatively quiet week…thus far.  Aside from this Russian woman who I dropped off giving me a $50 on a $23 cab ride and telling me to give her just a dollar back (which shocked the fuck out of me)…nothin special has been goin on.

One of the biggest complaints passengers have is when a driver refuses to take them because they’re going out of Manhattan or into Harlem/Washington Heights/Inwood.  Are drivers technically not allowed to ask a customer where they’re going?  No.  However, the loophole is that if the cabbie’s off-duty lights are on then he/she is under no obligation to pick up anyone.  The same deal goes for if the passenger is going out of the five boroughs; the cabbie doesn’t have to take the fare if it’s anywhere to Jersey or Suffolk…or if it’s to Nassau or Westchester after 8 hours of being on-duty.

When you think about it though it’s hella easy to get away with passenger refusals because the customers at night are so used to it they come up to your window and ask if you’re gonna take them ha.  I don’t have time for that shit personally, fuck you pay me is the motto I follow.  The only way you’re gonna get in trouble is if the passenger gets in your cab, tells you where they’re gonna go and THEN you try to refuse the fare.  Because let’s face it, at 3am on a Saturday night on Essex and Rivington nobody knows what the fuck 311 is nor a cab medallion number is.  TLC though is tryin to up the ante on this…increasing the fine for first-time offenders to $500.  FIVE HUNDRED.  Considering how the garages rape the employees that work for em, that’s a significant amount of change for saying the word “no.”  Second time offenders face a $750 fine and 30-day suspension (if it occurs within a two-year period) and 3 strikes in 3 years= revocation.  Of course, if the passenger(s) get in and begin acting belligerent or gets sick in your cab then all bets are off.

It’s a pretty fuckin big deal.  What are your thoughts?  Sufficient enough punishment or too harsh?  And so on.


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