So Yall Wanna Bitch Huh?

Taxi cab drivers have hella stereotypes that yall give us.  Yall aren’t much better, though.

Taxi Drivers Stink: Yes, I’ve been in some cabs that do.  You can’t necessarily blame the driver; whilst some do because they eat too many damn spices, other times it’s the cabs that they have to rent that smell.  Some of the passengers that get in are no better.  When someone is drunk, you know how odorous that drunk smell is?  I’m surprised it doesn’t melt down my nasal passages n shit.  At least drivers have an excuse to stink also, being out on the road for almost half a day and being away from home for even longer than that.  Most of yall though have the luxury of goin home first.  Pay attention to detail.

Taxi Drivers Talk Too Much On The Phone: It’s illegal to do so when you have a passenger in the car.  I respect that because hey if the average person can’t be on their cell phones while at work,  neither should we.  We have to remain alert.  But yo…I swear some of yall talk/text your lives away and I pull up to the stop and yall muh fuckas STILL talkin?  Pay the fuck up, I got places to go.  God forbid if I missed your stop, it’d be hell.  Yall would yell and bitch and moan (in a non-sensual way) then try to report me, etc.  But since apparently the customer is always right, I have to sit there and waste valuable time because you’re waitin for that “lol yea” text?  Fuck off.

Taxi Drivers Don’t Speak English Well: For the most part this is true.  But obviously, they speak it well enough because you have to take an English proficiency portion of the test and if you fail that part you ain’t gettin a license.  Some of yall clowns don’t understand English well.  Don’t slam my fuckin door.  Not being able to read the full fare.  When it says $6.10 and $1.00 in the extras that means it’s $7.10.  I guess that’s another reason why the SATs were a fail for some of yall.  You don’t just swipe your credit card in the reader, there is in fact a process where you don’t have to go on eHow.com to figure out.  Some of yall who get in I can’t understand where yall going yourselves.  “108 1st avenue”  Alright, so I’m assuming the address.  “No No NO 108 street 1st avenue” TELL ME THIS BEFORE.  Oh, and the dreaded calling out your corner at the last second deal?  Pisses me off to no end.  I drive a car, I’m definitely not gonna be on a gymnast squad anytime soon so stop it.

This is an immigrant job: Well, the one negative about NYC is that people are quick to judge you based on your career path.  Someone like me doesn’t stand much of a chance with the ladies versus a dude wearing the basic suit and tie shit…even if I may be making more than him.  Why?  He has an office job, and I’m doing something in which a vast majority of drivers don’t have college degrees and in some cases, not even a HS degree.  However, in an era where your education doesn’t seem to be valued as much even though employers CLAIM it plays a role, however you make the money and pay the bills at the end of the day counts right?  Then again, it should always be that way.  Don’t look down on me because while I do need yall, yall need us too.  I heard at one point this was primarily a job where it was mainly native New Yorkers that drove, but that’s no longer the case.  Shit happens.  I’m in the minority now.

When it’s all said and done, fling your negative stereotypes/connotations.  Do remember though, it’ll always be flipped back if you’re not careful.  And so on.


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