I figure putting up my typical titles is redundant so I won’t do that anymore.  Nevertheless, in my 14 months of driving I have been quite fortunate enough to not deal with any passengers who christened the back of my cab with their bile and shit.  That was…until Friday night.

Friday night was annoying as fuck as it was (I’ll document more on this in a future post) and I just dropped off these hooligans in K-Town.  I was so pissed off that I flipped my off-duty light on for a little while because K-Town is a headquarters of the Won Dolla Tip Nation and I wanted to get the fuck out of dodge.  I changed my mind though and picked up this dude and his stumblin, bumblin girlfriend who were going towards Canal Street and the West Side Highway.  Meh whatever that’s cool.

All of a sudden, I smell a strange odor emitting from the back.  It’s like a combination of cognac and food.  I don’t say anything for a little while until I speed down Varick and ask them if someone had thrown up.  They decline that they did but I know damn well that they did.  I do have a feeling that it wasn’t that serious because it wasn’t a strong odor but I was just shakin my head.  Finally when I pull up to their apartment, the dude begins to profusely apologize for his girlfriend’s transgression.  He tips me $10 on the card and promises that he’d be back in 5-10 minutes to clean up the mess.  Yeah not a problem.  I actually trusted that he’d come back because he kept asking me if I needed anything and plus I needed to take a breather.

When I check the back, it really wasn’t too bad.  She probably ate a slice of pizza with onions and tomatoes or some shit.  She did puke a bit on his jeans as well and after waiting about 7 minutes, decide that I’m gonna grab towels and begin the process.  Wiping off the crap wasn’t gonna be the problem; it was gonna be trying to get the stench out.  Fortunately, I come prepared with that and I got Armor All for the interior leather as well.  The whole process only takes me about 5 minutes.  By the time he actually comes down with his cleaning products:

Him: Nah nah nah nah I got it.
Me: I was basically done anyway.
Him: Ahh man you didn’t have to.  I said I would do it, you shouldn’t have to put up with shit like this…this is my fault, well her fault too but you know what I mean.
Me: It wasn’t that bad.
Him: Yeah I get that but you shouldn’t have to do this.
DK’s Brain: True.
Him: I got the rest of this (it was about 90% clean at this point anyway).  You need any of these cleaning supplies?  Take it, just take it, and here’s another $5 that’s all I have but I’d give you more.
Me: Ha it’s all good I don’t need…
Him: Just take it say no more.  You’re a good dude.

Well then.  Who woulda thought that someone puking would actually change the course of a night…for the better?  And so on.


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