Musical Chairs.

It’s a concrete jungle out there.

I just dropped off some chick on 7th avenue south between Charles and 10th streets at some bar (I can’t remember its name right now).  I see a blonde girl standing at the opposite corner but initially I didn’t think she needed a cab, until I pulled away from my spot.  I get my way to that corner (there were no cars on that block so I was safe to do my thing) and she proceeds to try to get in.

Suddenly, I see this guy in glasses running over thinking that because I’m looking straight up that he’s gonna get the benefit of the doubt.  I forget that my doors automatically lock so I’m trying to unlock them for the girl.  Somehow, they both open the door and hop in the cab at the EXACT SAME TIME.  Ahh shit, we got ourselves a little situation.  This looks like some bumped into each other classic movie type shit.  Now, I saw the woman first so I already in my mind knew whom I was gonna drop off.  The dude is trying to plead his case to the woman “I’m going to Grand Central come onnn, I got a train to catchhhh.”  She don’t really care because she’s going to Wall Street and Water down in “FiDi” (I despise that hyphenation by the way).  Time for DK to get caught in the middle of this mini firestorm.

Me: So what’s it gonna be, yall gonna share this cab or somethin?  Yall are going in opposite directions tho.
DK’s Brain: Blonde.
Girl: Wall and Water…or Grand Central?
Me (no hesitation): Wall and Water.
Guy: AHHHH COME ON! I’m running late.
DK’s Brain: So fuckin what.
Girl: HA!

I don’t feel bad about this at all.  I drop her off and I find her passed out ha.  Trying to come to her senses, she thinks she’s given me a $20 for her $11.10 fare when she only gave me a $5.

Her:  Lemme get $5 back.
(I hand her the $5 she gave me)
Me: You only paid me $5 tho.
Her: No I gave you a $20.
DK’s Brain: Get on that Motel 6 shit and leave the light on for her.
(Turns on light so she can see)
Me: You got some damn good sleep tho I’m jealous.
Her: Oh my God you have no idea (gives me the $20 now).

And that was that.  I’m sure everyone else in that position woulda picked up the girl over the guy too.  And so on.


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