You know certain passengers you’re gonna pick up are gonna be headaches, yet you pick them up anyway because you wanna abide by the rules.  The area near Webster Hall (the 3rd avenue btw 11-14th street strip) isn’t the most ideal area to pick up passengers even though I hang out there almost all the time when I go out.  I pick up these two dudes eatin pizza and as they’re gettin in, all you hear them do is bitch about the space in the cab.  “Ahh damn they ain’t no room back here yall need to do somethin bout this space.”  “It fit like a cop car back here.”  Oh so yall fought the law and the law won huh?

Dude 1: We goin to Brooklyn.
Me: Where?
Dude: Downtown Brooklyn.
Me: Where in Downtown Brooklyn?
Dude 2: Take the Manhattan Bridge
Me: (shakes head)
DK’s Brain: Incompetence 2, Common Sense 0 FINAL.

As I hop on the Manhattan Bridge they tell me about halfway on the bridge that I need to go right off the bridge.  Alright fine…but yall told me yall were goin to downtown.  Last time I checked, downtown BK was the area around Fulton Street, Livingston Street…not under the damn bridges.  That’s DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) you fucks.  Nothin irks me more than when people give me last second directions.  I’m on my right lane exiting and trying to figure out what they wanna do.  GO STRAIGHT they tell me.  GO STRAIGHT.  Yeah dawg the light is red.  It’s fairly simple from there and I drop em off at Bridge and York streets after a cheap $9.10 fare.  I know I ain’t gonna get a tip; I’m just thankful they gettin the fuck out because I was annoyed.  Earlier they had asked me where some club (Promenade) was and I told them it was far from where they were…which was true and I mighta lied to them anyway.

They pay me with $8 in bills and a $1 coin.  Fuck.  I can’t hate though because sometimes when I hop on the dollar van (really the $2 van) I pay them in quarters.  Even though I ain’t acknowledge the dude at all (like I said, I don’t acknowledge non-tippers), he went on a mini-rant talkin about how they need to do somethin about the size of the back of the cabs.  Yeah, like I have any say in the manner…and they approved the cabs for a reason.  “Yo, some fat person gonna get in and they gonna sue bc they can’t fit or have a hard time gettin out…nah mean pap?”

Go to sleep.

And so on.


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