Friday the 13th.  Typically, 13 is my favorite number and I don’t take much credence to the “bad luck” that that day supposedly brings.  This shift was arguably one of my most frustrating ones though.  I had three successive short-haul trips from JFK (which is the last thing you want on a Friday or Saturday shift) before finally getting a trip into the city.  Then this kid asks me if I can take him to Jersey City & how much it is.  I look in the book and it tells me it’s $44 plus toll.  He tells me that he’ll pay $50 flat (trip + toll + tip).  I was a bit skeptical but since I figured the trip wouldn’t take that long I was cool with that.

Traffic for a Friday night at 1030pm wasn’t too shabby and I got to the Holland Tunnel pretty quickly.  Now, I know he mentioned something about passing a Burger King on his way back to his apartment…but he tells me to turn INTO Burger King.  The fuck?  “I wanna order some food.”  For real though?  On this long-ish line…this could only happen to me on a night like this.  This whole process wastes about 15 minutes of my precious time, time in which I am stewing because the smell is makin me dumb hungry.  I try real hard to avoid eating at those chains because I’m watchin my figure and all that you know?  Anyhow, this dude orders a #2 (I forget what that is) meal, an extra chicken sandwich and a order of Chicken tenders.  Food fit for a king.  Or, a drunken one at that.  You’d think he’d have the decency to ask me if I wanted anything.  Of course not though; even though I would have declined anyway.  Almost $14 worth of junk goin into this poor dude’s system.

Now this dude is eatin some of this food in my car and it’s pissin me off because my stomach is now tellin me stories.  He pays me the $50 and gets out.  I was pissed at him and continued the rest of my worthless shift.  And so on.


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