The Rainbow Hunt.

Driving a cab for nearly 15 months now (anniversary is on Friday), I have found out about many places that even as a NYC native that didn’t know existed or had any interest in going to.  Usually, when people tell me to take them somewhere they just give me the intersection or the address and I think nothing of it.

I just dropped some guy off in Chelsea on 21st street between 8th and 9th avenues.  These two guys saunter towards me and ask me if I’m available (which I am) and then ask me where some spot is. I couldn’t tell you the name they gave me but I think it started with an A.  I started my meter but then turned it off about 10 seconds later because they didn’t know what direction they wanted to go.

Foreigner 1: Do you know any gay bars/clubs around here?
DK’s Brain: The fuck I look like to you??
Me: Umm…honestly no.  I don’t go out of my way looking for them.
Foreigner 2: You sure?  You got internet on your phone?  Can check it out.
DK’s Brain: My poor phone.
Me: Aight lemme check for yall.
(pulls up Bing…then eventually Foursquare to see what’s around there namewise).
DK’s Brain: Never have I ever.

Well, figuring I’m in Chelsea it wasn’t gonna be that difficult anyway to find a gay bar/lounge for them.  But they shoulda just asked someone on the street and they probably woulda pointed them in the right direction anyway…or take them to the “pot of gold” aka Christopher street.  After seeing on Foursquare some lounge had 4 check-ins by people on 24th between 6th and 7th avenues, I opted to take them there.  That was for me, weird.

Of course, I have to give the obligatory “I have no problem with gays” quote.  Because I don’t.  This was just unprecedented to me because I don’t take the time out to know nor care where the gay spots specifically are.  I just know areas really.  And so on.


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