Being a medallion owner definitely has its perks.  I call my own shots in regards to the hours I work- hence controlling the income that flows into the business on a weekly basis.  I don’t have to worry about what car I have to drive daily and having to worry about how a certain car is gonna handle itself on the road.  Let’s face it, the cars from those garages you never know what you’re gonna get from them.  However, you know accidents and car problems are gonna rear their ugly heads inevitably when you are expected to have a car for a five-year duration (6 in the case of my VW Jetta Sportswagen because it’s a diesel-fuel clean car).

We purchased the aforementioned VW back in November 2010 and even though it had to go in the garage during the medallion transfer (where I went from being a driver to an owner/driver), we have still put just under 36,000 miles on it in an 8 month span.  To put this all into perspective- the Toyota Sienna minivan I used to drive ended up with well over 300,000 miles put on it & that was over five years.  I don’t fuck with American cars because usually imports are far superior in durability and besides, I don’t buy into the whole nationalistic bullshit.

People who bitch about the lack of space in the back of my cab don’t realize that we had no idea at the time how small it would be with the partition setup.  We chose it over the regular Jetta because not only would we be getting a 2011 model as opposed to a 2010 model, but there was more trunk space for airport trips.  They have just approved of the Sportswagen around August of last year.  Also, unless you are the sole driver of your cab you MUST have a partition set up in your car with no exception.  That prevents any possibility of a lawsuit in case a driver who leases a cab of yours gets attacked by a crazy passenger per example.  Besides, in most cases you’re gonna be in the cab for no more than 20 minutes so shut the hell up.

Anyhow, we had our first heat wave of the season this past week.  I don’t believe that this was the cause of the coolant system screwing up- but all I know is that my partner was driving it on Thursday morning and noticed the coolant light flashing.  When it flashes according to the manual that means it needs to go to the shop immediately.  He dropped it back off to my house and explained the situation.  Apparently the antifreeze level dropped to empty & even though he had tried filling it up again, it kept leaking internally.  Not cool.  The car has been in the shop since Friday but we’re expected to get the cab back tomorrow or no later than Wednesday.

Of course, this is a double-edged sword.  Not having the cab this past weekend was devastating in regards to business.  Regardless of what happens, you’re still responsible for paying the bills (insurance and the medallion loan) so it’s very important that you don’t stay on the sidelines for too long.  This means that whenever I get the cab back, I’m gonna have to work harder than I otherwise would have to catch up.  In other words, I’ll be working every day until my vacation June 15-20th.  Then I’m gonna likely work another 7 straight days from the 21st-27th to make sure everything is up to par.  On the flip side of the equation this was a great weekend for my social life.  Normally working on weekends, I got to hang out with people I rarely see anymore due to my schedule.  It was some chill shit.

So yeah, that’s why I haven’t been updating.  And so on.


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