ER-ring On The Side Of Caution.

After a much needed break, I went back to work last night.  Nothing special occurred…which was a good thing for me since I don’t like being put into the fire right away.  I’ll take this back to the same Saturday night from where that guy gave me the $107 though.

I just dropped off this Asian couple on Broadway and around 93rd street.  Lookin to turn off of it and head back down on Columbus, a black dude flags me down pretty hardcore and tells me to turn up the block so he can get his grandfather.  Alright that’s fine.  Then he mentions that he’s gonna take him to the emergency room.  Ummm…

I’m thinkin to myself why on earth would someone look for a CAB to be their ambulance?  I mean yeah, cabs are known to get their swerve on and the ilk but I ain’t got sirens.  Maybe he doesn’t trust 911 and the response system?  But then if that’s the case why would you spend money on a cab to get to the emergency room…unless it’s not entirely one?  I’m gettin paid waitin for this guy and his grandpops but I almost feel bad running the meter, even though that’s what you’re supposed to do (and the dude told me to do anyway).

He gets his grandpops in the cab and I roll down both of the windows in the back.  I did have the AC/defroster on because of the light rain and humidity…but since he was having difficulty breathing this is the route I had to take.  I’m goin to a hospital on 59th between Columbus and Amsterdam (the New York Hospital I think) and I’m drivin faster than I’m normally accustomed to.  I didn’t wanna take any chances because when you’re tellin me you gotta go to the ER…it must be serious.  Even around the area of Lincoln Center where a ton of cars congregate, I don’t know how I did it but I was able to avoid the cars and make all the lights.  On a Saturday night at 10pm this almost never happens, especially with a plethora of people and empty cabs essentially blocking half of the street.  The old man wasn’t wheezing or anything but still.  We get there fairly quickly and the old dude gives me a $100.  For a brief second I didn’t even wanna take the money because you can’t put a price tag on life…but whatever, he wanted back $80 and I gave it to him.  The fare was $9.50.  I hope everything turned out to be alright with them both.

And so on.


1 Response to “ER-ring On The Side Of Caution.”

  1. 1 Sherrel
    July 15, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    Not sure if you read this or not but as to why the guy rather take the cab vs an ambulance is if he didn’t have insurance or depending on his coverage he might have to pay out of pocket for the ambulance which can be well over $1000. I had to take one once and my health care covered everything but the ambulance and it came to well over $2000 and that was in Queens. So yeah it might not make much sense but if you’re close and know you can’t afford a 1k ride a taxi just seems so much better. XD

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